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Anthony Joshua conqueror, Deontay Wilder, Luis Ortiz makes predictions

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Current WBC heavyweight champion and number one in the division, Deontay Wilder has given his verdict on the forthcoming clash.

Wilder, who defeated Luis Ortiz last month, wasn’t shy in predicting a repeat result in Saudi Arabia.

Ortiz also aired his views, alongside ex-Joshua conqueror Mihai Nistor and several other top division stars.

Here’s what they had to say:

Deontay Wilder, current WBC world heavyweight champion

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I see Ruiz coming back in, doing the exact same thing he did the first time. In rematches, when you get two guys in there sharing each other’s energy, you sort of know what they’re going to do. Although you can go back into the gym, strategize and get new ideas, like Mike Tyson said, ‘Everyone has a plan until they get hit.’ And sometimes when you get hit, you go back to what you know. Ruiz still has nothing to lose. The pressure is still on Joshua to show it’s a fluke, to show it was a bad night in the office. I’m not saying Joshua can’t win. He can put it together and get the victory, but my pick is Ruiz.”


Dominic Breazeale, contender and title challenger

Anthony Joshua, TKO 10th Round

Anthony Joshua wins. I believe that Joshua learns from his mistakes and boxes the first three rounds until he sees an opening. In the fourth round Joshua will take advantage of it. The seventh round is the most exciting round of the fight with both fighters being knocked down. In the end, however, I see Joshua coming out on top via 10th-round TKO, referee’s stoppage.”


Efe Ajagba, undefeated prospect and contender

Andy Ruiz, KO 6th Round

Anthony Joshua wants his title back, but this fight could be even more difficult for both he and Andy Ruiz than the first. In my opinion, the only way Joshua can win is to keep Ruiz on the end of his jab and to fight from the outside. But that won’t be easy because Ruiz throws fast combinations, and after being dropped in their first fight, he got up, dropped Joshua and came on to knock him out. That’s why I’m going with Ruiz to win it again, this time, by knockout in the sixth or seventh round.” 


Adam Kownacki, undefeated contender

Andy Ruiz, KO 9th Round

I think the Andy Ruiz-Anthony Joshua fight is close to call. Both fighters are very well prepared and it’s the heavyweight division where one punch could end everything. I feel that the winner will be who wants it more. Does Andy want to be know as a heavyweight champ and to prove that the first fight was not just won by luck? Or will Anthony do everything to get his title back? I’m not convince Anthony wants the title back. I have Andy winning again.”


Charles Martin, contender and former IBF champion

Andy Ruiz, KO 6th Round

Me and Andy Ruiz have the same coach, Manny Robles, and we train at the same gym, so I am going with the home team. I think Andy has Anthony Joshua’s number, anyway. I don’t know if it will be KO or decision, but I am picking Andy to win. One thing I know for sure is win, lose or draw, I want Anthony Joshua back in the ring because Charles Martin at 100 percent knocks him out. I will win a belt in 2020 and entice Joshua back into the ring, so hopefully he keeps on fighting after December 7.”


Luis Ortiz, two-time heavyweight title challenger

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

In my heart, I truly want for Andy Ruiz to pull off another victory over Anthony Joshua once again. But I believe that Joshua has learned a valuable lesson from losing the first fight. So I believe that Joshua will stay at a distance and that he will out-box Ruiz on the way to winning a decision.” 


Frank Sanchez, undefeated prospect and contender

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

“Anthony Joshua has superior boxing skills and the height and reach advantage over Andy Ruiz. I believe Joshua took Ruiz for granted the first time around and did not have adequate time to prepare for Ruiz’s style after preparing for a completely different opponent.  For the rematch, Joshua will take Ruiz seriously and have time to prepare and make the necessary adjustments in order to win. Joshua by unanimous decision.”


Gerald Washington, title challenger and contender

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I am in camp with Andy Ruiz, and I’m witnessing, first-hand, that everything I have heard about his fast hand and his skills is true. Anthony Joshua is a great fighter and he was a tremendous champion, but Andy beat him the first time and I believe that he has the confidence to do it again.”


Joseph Parker, former WBO world heavyweight champion

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“Not too sure but if I had to pick someone I think AJ will win if he uses his reach and height and moves around. Andy us one damn tough guy though and his pressure and counter punching is spot on.”


Mihai Nistor, current undefeated heavyweight


“The first one was a big surprise when Ruiz won. Now we don’t know. Now Ruiz has fans all over the world and Joshua has been silent in training. Hard decision and I truly can’t decide”