The Rematches: Ruiz vs Joshua II and Wilder vs Fury II

Andy Ruiz Jr. Anthony Joshua

📸 Mark Robinson

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was just tested by Luis Ortiz. Ortiz was winning the fight for several rounds.

He had a great game plan: hand-fight with Deontay Wilder’s left hand and keep him from using that jab as a range-finder. And it worked. He was winning decisively.

Then he made one mistake, and a fatal one. He reverted back to head movement for just a short time and got knocked out cold. Whenever you fight Wilder you are always just one small mistake away from losing the fight. 

The bright side is, now we get to see the money-fight we’ve all been waiting on. The rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder … coming to Las Vegas this February.

This will be the first time since Deontay Wilder first won his title that he’ll be listed as the underdog at the betting sites around the globe.

Tyson Fury is listed as a slight favorite to win by decision with the line set -125. But just like Ortiz, fury has to be careful because Wilder does have a right hand that was gifted by the gods.

He, just like anyone else is only one misstep away from being knocked out – just like almost happened at the end of their last fight. 

One thing that gives me a little bit of pause about hopping behind the odds-on favorite, is the fact that Fury wins his rematches by Knockout.

He just knocked out Ortiz, even though it did take him a while. And back when he did his rematch against Bermane, they had gone the distance, like he and Fury and then in the rematch, he absolutely blew Bermane out of the ring in the first round.

📸 Esther Lin

Now, I don’t think that will happen to Tyson Fury, he is just too skilled of a boxer for that, and he genuinely respects Wilder’s power. But still, it gives me pause.  This is going to be a fantastic fight and I can’t wait to see the outcome. It’s one of those rare matchups where I wish both fighters could win. 

Joshua vs. Ruiz II

This weekend we’ll get to see if Andy Ruiz Jr.’s victory over the British champ was a fluke or not. We’ll also get to see if AJ still has a fire inside for boxing.

During their first match, he came into the ring cold and his eyes looked dead. He did not want to be fighting that night.

Now it looks like AJ has regained a bit of that spark; the fighting spirit. However, in his eyes, I still don’t see the full willful determination that is needed to maintain your position at the pinnacle of the sport.

Once again, Joshua is the favorite, but this time only -205, which in the world of boxing is slightly less than moderate.

The first time around ended up being one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. Everyone – except for Tyson Fury–  looked at the pudgy American and thought, “no way does this guy even stand a chance.”

But it was more than just a freak punch that led to a knockout. Ruiz Jr. was winning on the cards, even though he took a knockdown himself. Then he came in and systematically brutalized the statuesque Brit. 

Most pundits think that AJ will destroy Ruiz this time around. They think that AJ having gotten a taste of Andy Ruiz the first time around will adjust and smash. But, I think this one is going to the points cards. I believe that AJ is going to try to win on points.

He’ll dance around and try to stay clear of Ruiz Jr.’s power and Mayweather his way to victory. Let me state that I find this distasteful. Sure, in a welterweight fight, that is fine; it’s what we expect. But in a heavyweight fight, it’s cowardice. 

If Joshua indeed game-plans a decision win – which I think he will–  I’ll lose all respect for the guy. Hopefully, he gets in there and fights Andy Ruiz. But we’ll have to wait until this weekend to see. Either way, it is going to be an entertaining fight.