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Home » Is Deontay Wilder underrated after ten WBC title defenses?

Is Deontay Wilder underrated after ten WBC title defenses?

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It is fair to say that the majority of our current heavyweight boxers split opinions around the world. One that never seems to come out well in these types of discussion is Deontay Wilder, and is that simply because he is underrated as a boxer by the general public? 

The 34 year old has held his WBC heavyweight title since 2015, and is seemingly happy to fight anyone along the way, the same cannot be said about some of the others in the division currently. 

Wilder has had 43 fights so far, winning 42 of those with the other ending in a draw when he met Tyson Fury back in December 2018. He’s fought Fury once before, and will face him in a rematch in 2020, showing he isn’t scared of the big British fighter, taking him on head on rather than avoiding the fight which fellow heavyweight Anthony Joshua could be accused of doing. 

The rematch between Wilder and Fury should be another thrilling encounter, likely to attract the interest of sports fans from all over the world. The site has many different bookmakers listed, all of which will be eagerly looking forward to this fight and ensuring their odds are available early. There will be many UK new customer betting offers available in the build up to this fight, just as we see in the build up to all of the big events.

Perhaps the main reason why many don’t give Wilder the credit he deserves is because of his style. Wilder has an incredible punch, shown by the fact that he has won by knockout in 41 of his 43 bouts. Some see this as a negative, suggesting that he does not have the same boxing ability as others and relies on his punch, but when he’s gone up against the best, you could argue this to not be the case. 

Those that don’t appreciate what Wilder has will simply say that he has the best punch in the business, and if he gets it off and connects cleanly, that wins him the fight as opposed to any kind of tactical move. Those who appreciate what Wilder has will say that landing his punch is a skill that is far tougher than many think, because his opponent is constantly waiting for it to come, and that leads them to box in a more defensive style. It may take time, but eventually Wilder connects and when he does, that usually results in a victory. 

His recent bouts against Cuban boxer Luiz Ortiz have shown that Wilder can mix it up with those he should have trouble with, the sign of a true champion. Ortiz is a southpaw, while also being very experienced so he should have the ring craft that those who are negative on Wilder believe he doesn’t. However, while it may have taken him a little time, Wilder has eventually found the gaps and a way to get his punch through the Ortiz guard, winning both battles by knockout, showing that actually he could have the ring craft many accuse him of not having.