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Has Andy Ruiz Jr. already beaten Anthony Joshua again?

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Anthony Joshua might well have been playing around but the fact the former heavyweight champion asked Andy Ruiz Jr. for the strategy to beat him seems to say a lot.

The pair lined up for the final press conference head-to-head in front of the gathered media. A relaxed Joshua was all niceties during the face-off.

Adopting a similar tactic to when Ruiz was the challenger, Joshua couldn’t have been more polite. Then the bombshell dropped.

Joshua turned to Ruiz at the end of the clip below. He asked him, ‘so what’s the strategy to beat you?’

Any trainer or boxing at the top of their game would tell you this is an absolute no, joking or not.

Playing this defeatist mindset, whether part of a gameplan to throw Ruiz off, is something never to be stated to an opponent.

Is Joshua adopting a strategy or was it merely a huge mistake said in the heat of the moment?

Whatever the case may be, Joshua has not helped himself in any shape or form in dealing with the psychological factors at play.

Joshua vs Ruiz 2

Despite losing badly in the first fight, Joshua remains the bookmakers favorite. This is despite completely running out of ideas in the New York clash.

As Sylvester Stallone’s documentary explained perfectly, Joshua knew he couldn’t beat Ruiz in that seventh round. The Briton roundly gave referee Michael Griffin no choice.

So what can change in six months? – Joshua admitted himself not much can. It’s quite impossible. Especially when you only make small tweaks in camp.

A fresh set of eyes and a bit more time away to reflect could have been the order of the day for AJ.

Ruiz is still reveling in the glory of the first win. He clutches his belts and shows them off at every opportunity. Confidence is sky-high, whereas Joshua looks anything but confident.

Maybe it is a ploy? – Maybe Joshua is putting it on? – All will be revealed on fight night.

But each passing day that gets us closer to the first bell seems to make Ruiz an even more overwhelming pick for the repeat.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.