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Anthony Joshua reportedly troubled by sparring partner – again

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World Boxing News has learned that Anthony Joshua has been in trouble once again when preparing for a fight with Andy Ruiz Jr.

Just like the last camp, which WBN reported first at the time, Joshua reportedly got hurt when trading blows with a sparring partner.

If you feel like adding some spice to an already exciting fight, you may want to place a bet on part 2 of the Joshua vs. Ruiz saga. Should that be the case, there is plenty of new betting sites that offer great odds and live streaming for what can potentially be a defining match in Joshua’s career.

During training for the June 1st meeting, WBN revealed Joey Dawejko dropped AJ as he was put through his paces for an American debut.

Dawejko was then silent when asked to confirm the rumors, only adding more fuel to the fire.

This time around, but without a name for confirmation, Joshua was again rocked in the run-up to facing Mexico’s first heavyweight king.

Since the summer, Albon Pervizaj, Tom Little, Derek Chisora, Andrew Tabiti, and Timothy Moten have all spent time inside the ropes with Joshua.

Any one of those could be responsible for the incident, despite different news stories of Joshua being dominant.

Due to being one of the biggest punchers in the division, the former world champion can give as good as he gets. But given the level of class most of those sparring partners are at. It doesn’t bode well for Joshua’s chances of revenge.

Ruiz is no longer the unknown quantity he was. He’s no longer considered the out-of-shape also-ran from the first bout at Madison Square Garden.

Many Joshua supporters claim the Ruiz result, in which the Briton got dropped four times, was merely an underestimation on his part. Many more of those fully expect rectification in Saudi Arabia.

On the flip side of that, some detractors see Ruiz simply having Joshua’s number and on the cusp of fully repeating his feat of six months ago.

It all builds up nicely to one of the biggest top division battles of the year. It was made all the more important due to what is at stake for Joshua.


A loss means the 30 year-old got frozen out of the title picture. Al Haymon, who has both Deontay Wilder and Ruiz in his stable, would hold all the aces at 200 pounds plus.

The winner of Wilder versus Tyson Fury in an upcoming rematch is firmly in line for an undisputed unification later in 2020.

Joshua did have the opportunity to face Wilder in 2018 but turned down a $100 million summer offer to fight on Showtime in the United States.

Fury stepped into the breach. He now stands on the verge of a potential trilogy with Wilder worth up to nine figures for both boxers.

A UK installment will potentially follow up the second fight in February. This is before the eventual victor battles Ruiz in what could be the most desirable heavyweight clash around.

All the marbles will be at stake, something Joshua will have to put a stop to this weekend.

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