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Home » WBC Investigation launched as Andres Gutierrez ‘gains’ 8lbs in one week

WBC Investigation launched as Andres Gutierrez ‘gains’ 8lbs in one week

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Being kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas was just the tip of the iceberg for Andres Gutierrez as an ‘immediate investigation’ was launched.

The World Boxing Council, overseeing the bout as a final eliminator for the super-featherweight title, were astonished to witness what transpired on Friday.

Despite apparently going through the correct procedures through WBC check-weight protocol, Gutierrez somehow managed to weight EIGHT POUNDS more than the previous seven days.

Firstly, Gutierrez and his team had revealed a mark of 133 pounds, one under the allowed limit, at the seven-day check.

When hitting the scales, Gutierrez came in at a whopping 141 pounds, ELEVEN pounds over the contracted stipulation.

Suspending Gutierrez, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman will now go through the details with a fine-tooth comb.

“Andres Gutierrez has been suspended by the World Boxing Council,” said a shocked WBC statement. “We have launched an immediate investigation into just why he arrived at the official weigh-in for his fight in Las Vegas. He was a whopping eleven pounds over the super featherweight limit!

“During the recent WBC Annual Convention, a fight between No. 1 super featherweight contender Oscar Valdez of Mexico versus Andres Gutierrez No. 5 was approved as a final eliminator. This was to determine the mandatory challenger of the division.

“However, today (Friday) during the weigh-in, Gutierrez arrived 11 lbs. above the limit’s division. Due to this embarrassing and extraordinary action, Andres won`t be part of this eliminator match. The WBC will start an immediate investigation.

“He previously claimed to be inside the permitted limits at the 30, 15 and 7 days pre-weigh ins.”

Sulaiman added his thoughts by saying: “What just happened in Las Vegas is of extreme concern. Gutierrez weighs in 11 pounds over the weight limit in the WBC final elimination scheduled for super-featherweight.

“Gutiérrez is officially suspended by the WBC. We will initiate a thorough investigation of the facts.”


Outlining the possibility of foul play by Gutierrez and his team, Sulaiman revealed the whole process of weight checking for the contest.

“This is absolutely a clear indication of a dangerous tactic by Gutierrez to cut weight,” said Sulaiman on the matter.

“Weight management program is a top priority for WBC. This case will be fully investigated to its fullest consequences.

“Furthermore, this is extremely dangerous,” he concluded.

For his part, Oscar Valdez was 129.8 lbs. during the official weigh-in. Valdez now faces Adam Lopez on Saturday night.


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