Luis Ortiz describes exact moment Deontay Wilder landed super-punch KO

Luis Ortiz Deontay Wilder

📸 Frank Micelotta / FOX Sports

Cuban Luis Ortiz is contemplating his next move after describing the moment his dream of becoming the first heavyweight champion from his home country disappeared.

‘King Kong’ was ahead on the scorecards when Deontay Wilder landed the perfect punch, a super-punch if you will, which laid Ortiz out of commission.

Badly shaken and in no position to continue due to discombobulation, Ortiz was left to consider what might have been after boxing brilliantly for six rounds.

As seems to be the case on a regular basis with Wilder, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ needs ‘just two seconds’ to win any argument with most of his opponents.

So far, only Tyson Fury has managed to make it to his feet in a WBC title challenge against the Alabama slammer.

Philosophical after the event, Ortiz praised his opponent for finding a way to land his telling shot.

“This is boxing. I said that one of us was going to get knocked out. I knew it wasn’t going to go twelve rounds,” stated Ortiz.

“This was a great fight. I thought I was clearly winning. I got caught with a big shot and I have to give Deontay Wilder a lot of credit.”

Describing the exact instant the straight blow smashed into his face, Ortiz added: “I was clear-headed when I hit the canvas. When I heard the referee say seven I was trying to get up. But I guess the count went a little quicker than I thought.

“I knew my movement was giving him problems. Also, I landed some big shots and I thought I had him hurt. I thought I was up by the count and could have continued.


“Deontay showed great will and I’m certainly not ashamed with my performance. I know I can beat anyone in the heavyweight division. My career is not over. I’m going to work my way back into a big fight.

“I’m ready for any battle. I want to thank my team and everybody that came to see this fight today,” he added.

After one or two comeback fights, speculation has already mounted Ortiz is being lined up to face Adam Kownacki in 2020.

Kownacki is an up and comer and on the verge of landing a Wilder chance himself. Ortiz could be the gatekeeper to Kownacki finally getting his opportunity after Wilder vs Fury II.

Furthermore, and if Ortiz deems himself ready, Kownacki vs Ortiz may well be considered as a co-feature for February 22.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay