Luis Ortiz trades blubber for muscle, massively out-weighs Deontay Wilder

Luis Ortiz shape


Luis Ortiz out-weighed Deontay Wilder by a full 17 pounds ahead of the Cuban’s WBC heavyweight title challenge.

Looking awesome on the scales, Ortiz is in far better shape this time around despite only weighing two pounds lighter.

A new conditioning coach and diet have Ortiz in the most chiseled state of his life at the age of 40.

Ortiz came in at 236 and change, whilst Wilder was a svelte 219 pounds.

Meanwhile, Ortiz has vowed to rip up the script and avenge his only defeat to Wilder. The veteran wobbled the ‘Bronze Bomber’ before getting stopped in the tenth round.

As seen from inside his camp, Ortiz is looking in phenomenal shape ahead of their rematch and it’s something ‘King Kong’ believes will pay dividends at the MGM Grand this upcoming weekend.

“I don’t like to lose. There were legitimate circumstances why I wasn’t at my best the first fight. It was a fatigue stoppage. I believe if I had continued, I would have gotten the knockout. It was only fatigue, but I’ve corrected that this time around, so the better man will win.”


Since his defeat, the southpaw has remained active in the ring with wins over Razvan Cojanu, Travis Kauffman and Christian Hammer.

Ortiz has promised fans that on fight, like the first, won’t last the distance. If he is to produce an epic upset, then it would turn the heavyweight division into even more chaos following Andy Ruiz Jr’s astonishing win over Anthony Joshua.

Talking about the prospect of becoming WBC world champion, Ortiz said: “We will show you on Saturday night how we’re going to win. When the bell rings it will be on display. But we’re always ready to adapt. Everyone will see on Saturday night.

“This will be the second world war between us. I’ve had 500 fights including my amateur fights. At heavyweight, everyone has power. Sometimes it feels like a horse is kicking you. Wilder has a lot of strength, but I’m going to show what I know and what I can do.

“Like I said before, and Deontay said too, this is not going 12 rounds. One of us is getting knocked out. I wish there were no bells between rounds so we could just keep going.

“This isn’t just Deontay fighting any other opponent. Obviously Deontay had his reasons for taking this fight. But on Saturday, I’m going to show why that was a mistake. I’m going to be the new heavyweight champion of the world.”