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Exclusive: ‘Boxing is now in ‘Kardashian Era’ – the new normal’

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Former world champion and DAZN analyst Sergio Mora has aired his views on the recent YouTube event, linking it to the Kardashian TV show.

Mora, who wasn’t part of the broadcast team, admits he was dubious at first but says the sheer scale of interest was massive.

Two world champions featured on the undercard in Billy Joe Saunders and Devin Haney, something that irked the die hard fans.

But with millions of followers on social media and viewers willing to pay the PPV fee, Mora believes it’s merely a sign of the times.

Sergio Mora exclusive

“Well first, I’ve got to talk about the atmosphere because I was pretty curious how everything was going to turn out,” Mora exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I was optimistic of course as there are smarter people than me handling DAZN. The press conference didn’t give a good indication of what I saw on the Saturday night. It really was truly unbelievable.

“It was crowded from top to bottom. What’s interesting is, they filled the seats all the way to the main event.

“It wasn’t like your normal LA or Las Vegas crowd where they come just to watch the main event. They were there for the beginning. It started to get bigger and bigger. It was impressive.

“I didn’t call the fight, they wanted someone younger and cooler so they got Ryan Garcia. They asked me if I wanted to be apart of it and I said, I want to see how it goes I don’t know too much about these guys.

“I gotta tell you man, they weren’t that bad. They were actually a lot better than I thought stylistically, offensive, authentically. Yes, they’re very green but I got to give them a lot of credit.

“It was actually a pretty good damn show. I want to say it was a good fight but it was a good damn show.”

Asked if he was against YouTubers being given the same platform as boxers, Mora replied: “No, not at all. If we can combine the crowds then it’s going to be the future I can see it.

“I could see this being the future because it’s the time we live in. It’s the Kardashian era. We mix a little bit of social media stars into professionalism and that’s the new normal.”

Kardashian era

Plenty of boxers vented their frustration. Furthermore, a large portion of the boxing community agreed with them.

“Yeah, I tweeted something about that,” he said. “Something about if you looked into the Notorious BIG much. You have the skit and one of the devils called the Madd Rapper and it was a rapper who was jealous about these new rappers with the big video, the fancy cars and the maddish lifestyles.

“These rappers that had been rapping for 10 years and had like five albums and this guy come and his first album is changing the rap game.

“I think certain boxers aren’t adapting. They’re not molding to the changing ways of social media and where we’re heading in a market.

“They’re getting upset because how are YouTubers who are making their debuts making almost $1m each when these guys have trained all of their lives and they’re barely cracking $10,000 a fight.

“So I can see the resentment for professionals. But there’s a way they can be a part of that too. Learn a little bit of the marketing side of the YouTube stars.

“Align themselves with someone who can promote them in a better way and not just rely on their boxing promoters.

“A boxing promoter used to be everything, they used to be the mouthpiece for the boxer but now you have something else.

“You got Twitter, social media, Facebook, they have their own way of selling their tickets. They can’t just rely on the mouthpiece which is the face of the promotion which is only a handful of promoters,” concluded Mora.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.

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