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The Definitive Guide for Betting on Boxing

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Boxing is an old sport that originated in Asia. Many punters wager on Betway before and during major fights. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather are some of the legendary boxers in history.

The sport attracts millions of fans from different nations. But, most amateur punters make wrong predictions and incur huge loses. Here is a definitive guide for boxing betting.

Boxing Scheduling

Boxing lacks a specific schedule. The fighters accept individual invitations at a time. They often take several months to prepare for major bouts. But, you can wager on many fights since there are different weight classes. Some sportsbooks offer odds of possible fights before the boxers sign their contracts. They provide a refund if a rumored fight doesn’t take place. Moreover, boxers can sign an agreement but one of them sustains a serious injury before the fight. The bookie will refund your stake in such a scenario.

Types of Boxing Bets

Boxing is different from tennis and football. Gamblers who bet on boxing at Betway have a limited number of betting options. They include:

  • Outright winner: Support one fighter in a bout. The outcome doesn’t depend on the results of individual rounds. It is ideal for sports fans who are sure that their favorite boxer will win the fight.


  • Total rounds: The market involves placing bets on whether a bout will have more or less than 9.5 rounds. It doesn’t consider which fighter will win the bout.


  • Winning method: You support a particular fighter. They can win by KO or by decision. Some betting firms allow gamblers to predict the specific method through which a boxer will win a fight.


  • Round betting: Your favorite fighter should win a certain round for you to win a bet. It is the trickiest betting option in boxing. Most ferocious win the first few rounds in a fight.

Have a Betting Strategy

Create a simple betting strategy to increase your winnings. It is easier to predict the winner of a bout than that of a tennis game. Consider the following factors when you create a boxing strategy:

  • Recent form: Check the form of both fighters to make a correct prediction. Boxers who have been inactive for long have a higher chance of winning compared to those who participated in recent fights.


  • Boxing and punching skills: Most aggressive fighters land powerful punches that knockout opponents. They include Gennady Golovkin, Anthony Joshua and Sergey Kovalev. Boxers who win on points tend to be defensive. They specialize in dodging punches from opponents. Andre Ward, Guillermo Rigondeaux and Floyd Mayweather are perfect examples of defensive boxers.


  • Strength and physical size: Some heavyweight boxers weigh more than 250 pounds. They have a higher winning probability than heavyweight athletes who weigh 220 pounds. Such boxers hit hard thus making it hard for smaller opponents to defeat them.

Amateur punters need to research the history and past performance of boxers to predict the outcome of different bouts. You can get tips from a genuine tipster if you are unable to pick a winning fighter. Also, understand different betting markets to make a profit from boxing bets. Betway covers bouts from different countries. You can check recent previews from ESPN Boxing and Boxing News Online.