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Home » In-shape Luis Ortiz is all-in, says training camp was torture

In-shape Luis Ortiz is all-in, says training camp was torture

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Veteran Luis Ortiz has whipped himself into unbelievable shape for what could prove his defining night in Las Vegas against Deontay Wilder next week.

The Cuban aims to build on almost taking Wilder out in their first meeting last year as Ortiz gets a second chance at the WBC title.

Taking nothing for granted, Ortiz looks in the condition of his life. Something the man himself admitted was a struggle.

Luis Ortiz in shape

“My main goal has always been to become heavyweight champion and that goal has not veered at all. I haven’t lost any of that hunger. You don’t go through the torture of a training camp like this to just show up,” pointed out Ortiz.

“I wouldn’t be here in Las Vegas if I wasn’t serious about being all-in for this fight. I would have stayed home in Miami.

“It’s been really hard being away from my family during training camp, but I know coming out to Las Vegas was the right move.

“If I’m going to become the heavyweight champion of the world, I must make these types of sacrifices. Everything I do in the ring is for my family.

“I haven’t seen my family in months and that’s worse than any Deontay Wilder punch,” he added.


Concluding on the mutual respect he shares with Wilder, Ortiz is adamant he’s willing to put it all on the line this Saturday night.

“As I’ve said before, Wilder is the best heavyweight of this decade and until someone beats him, he will remain the top dog,” said the 40 year-old.

“We have a different strategy in place that I believe will be the difference in this rematch. I have plans to end this fight before the final bell, but if we need to go the distance. I’m well prepared to take it all the way.”

“To become the first Cuban heavyweight champion in boxing history would be a dream come true. Not only for me, but for my countrymen back home.

“I’m going to leave every ounce of blood, sweat and tears in the ring come November 23.”

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