Tommy Morrison widow continues legal fight against FALSE HIV diagnosis

Tommy Morrison widow Trisha

World Boxing News has been in touch with Tommy Morrison’s widow Trisha this week to get an update on the legal fight to clear his name.

Trisha remains adamant that her husband, who died in 2013 at the age off 44, NEVER had or was properly diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

Despite having his career taken away in 1996 at the height of his powers, Trisha is certain no evidence can be produced of a full blood test confirmation.

Conspiracy theories or a vendetta against Tommy have been cited by Trisha, who blames the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision to take advice from Quest Diagnostics.

A court case is ongoing between Trisha and Quest to finally get to the bottom of where the notion of Tommy having HIV came from.

Several blood tests since the original 1996 decision to suspend Morrison have proven negative. Trisha has presented further evidence in the updates sent to WBN below.

A 2012 blood test proved negative, whilst taking one during an autopsy on the day of his death, Trisha received the same results ten days later.

The ban handed down by the NSAC in 1996 was also secretly lifted in 2006, according to Trisha.

Targeting an ESPN documentary she was unhappy with, Trisha has now asked 30for30 producers to prove Tommy was HIV positive.

Also, Tommy was able to get free from drugs in periods during the last few years of his life.

“I challenge ESPN to produce documentation and names of tests used on Tommy that detect and diagnose the Retrovirus ‘HIV’ and tests that are SPECIFIC to ANTIBODIES FOUND ONLY IN HUMANS that diagnose and detect Hiv specific antibodies. This challenge goes out to any and all physicians,” she said.

** MORRISON v ESPN 30FOR30** I challenge ESPN to produce documentation and names of tests used on #TOMMY…that detect and diagnose the Retrovirus 'HIV' and tests that are SPECIFIC to ANTIBODIES FOUND ONLY IN HUMANS that diagnose and detect Hiv specific antibodies. This challenge goes out to any and all physicians. Trisha for Tommy. #TCB.

Zveřejnil(a) Tommy Trisha Morrison dne Neděle 17. září 2017

From the ongoing court case, Trisha has consistently hoped for a final ruling.

Posting several real-time updates, Trish has stated:

OCTOBER 12th, 2019

“Next week we will be in our 8th WEEK as the Federal District COURT of Las Vegas, Nevada decide upon whether to:

Completely disregard Administrative Law and the Administrative Procedures Act and accept the Nevada Attorney General’s NEW CLAIMS of HARMLESS ERROR..and QUEST DIAGNOSTICS NEW CLAIMS of alleged FALSE POSITIVE.


Abide by the Administrative Procedures Act and REOPEN Tommy’s case because Defense Attorneys were caught fraudulently misrepresenting and applying retroactively the law/statutes of 1999/2003/2014 to the Judges and Justices for their actions that took place in 1996 to TOMMY.

OCTOBER 17th, 2019

NO WORD TONIGHT from the COURT in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why are we in the 8th WEEK waiting for a decision?

The COURT in Vegas is not that backed-up with cases.

It’s either you apply the LAW or you don’t. There’s not one LAW for the public and another LAW for Tommy Morrison is there?

OCTOBER 22, 2019

Not quite sure why Defense Attorneys claim their actions were HARMLESS ERROR when ADMINISTRATIVE LAW appears to be clear that what they did is clearly AGAINST the law!

Not quite sure why the Judge has not YET ruled in Tommy’s favor.

Tommy Morrison
📸 Mark Morrison

NOVEMBER 2, 2019

They didn’t want MORRISON to fight TYSON?

They suspended MORRISON throughout his “prime” at age 27 and then silently LIFTED MORRISON’s suspension 10 years later?

NOVEMBER 7, 2019

…And still no decision from the Judge in Vegas.

The job of a Federal Judge is LOYALTY to the LAW and to UPHOLD the Rule of Law. To Protect, Defend and Preserve the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of Nevada..

Supporting those that violate the Constitution and break the Administrative Procedures Act becomes “politics”.

The federal Administrative Procedures Act PROHIBITS what the Defendants have done. They cannot by LAW apply a #statute retroactive that cover up their misconduct throughout Tommy’s case..


NOVEMBER 8, 2019

QUEST DIAGNOSTICS that actually made the phone call to the Nevada Boxing Commission on Feb.10.1996 to say Tommy had HIV?…yet 20 years later her employer QUEST state THEY.DON’T.DIAGNOSE.?

The wait continues…

Speaking exclusively to World Boxing News on the matter, Trisha added: “They suspended Tommy in his PRIME.

“Also, they could not by law indefinitely worldwide suspend him. Then they SECRETLY lift the suspension 10 years later.”

Trisha also spoke passionately on Dennis Taylor’s ‘The Grueling Truth – Ringside Boxing Show’ back in August.


The one thing we know about Trisha is that she just won’t stop until the truth about Tommy is uncovered.

Undergoing heart surgery in 2013, Trisha cites complications from going under the knife as the REAL reason for Tommy’s untimely death.

Trey Lippe Tommy Morrison Kenzie Morrison
📸 Mikey Williams

WBN held close ties to Tommy before he passed and was always open to putting anything he needed out into the public.

Now, the fight continues through Trisha. She’s battled hard for the last six years. We sincerely hope she gets the outcome she so desperately wants.

Tommy’s boxing legacy carries on through his sons Trey and Kenzie, both of whom are pro boxers who punch like a mule…just like their father did before them.

Trey is currently 16-0 with 16 KO’s, whilst Kenzie is 17-0-2 with 15 KO’s. The younger Kenzie won his latest bout just last month via first round knockout.

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