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Steve Goodwin promises fighters ‘the personal touch’

If success is down to marginal gains and iterative changes to find the right formula, the last six years of Steve Goodwin’s boxing Management career have proven that it is possible to find success building from the ground up.

Steve has time and again shown that the key to good management is about strategy, building careers with a goal in mind and not just the immediate future. True success to Steve Goodwin is when a boxer finishes their career not just achieving, but over-achieving against their aspirations. Steve understands that all boxers want the hardest fights, the most money and the biggest titles.

However not all those things can come in day one, week one or even year one. Being a good Manager is about understanding the aims of the individual, creating a plan, agreeing a strategy and plotting a pathway.

In six years of boxing management, Steve’s stable of fighters has built an impressive trophy cabinet, each of their photos adorning the walls of Goodwin Boxing HQ. 21 Southern Area champions, 9 English titles, 1 British champion, 1 Commonwealth champion, 1 WBA International champion and a WBO world title holder. 34 titles held by talented individuals, some of whom Steve has worked with from day one of their career and others who Steve has taken on and reinvigorated their prospects in boxing.

Career high paydays, slots on TV shows and Pay-Per-Views, title fights at the right time of a career in matchups that offer the greatest chance of winning, long term plans and guidance for all in the stable. These are just some of the traits that have made Steve Goodwin so respected in the sport of boxing.

Then there are the other benefits Steve brings to the table – the personal touch. Many fights wouldn’t have happened were it not for Steve assisting his boxers with finding new sponsors to fund a bout, or the out-of-hours phone calls speaking to boxers as much in defeat as in victory.

The belts speak for themselves. The achievements of those boxers who Steve has represented tell their own story. The boxers themselves speak in the highest regard of the guidance Steve offers. If you are a boxer whose career is just starting, could do with re-starting or is already flying, there is always something that Steve Goodwin’s management is able to offer. From debutants to world champions, the personal touch is always guaranteed.