‘So many illegal punches that could damage a person’s life’ – Multi-weight champ concerned by YouTube fight

Abner Mares YouTube Fight

📸 Scott Hirano

Three-weight world title-holder Abner Mares wasn’t impressed by what he saw over the weekend in a YouTube fight as two presenters swung widely in their attempts to box.

The contest, broadcast on the same networks as bonafide world champions with two featuring on the undercard, didn’t do little to stem the flow of head shakes.

Mares revealed his thoughts on the bout. He says the lack of actual skills could end up with someone getting badly hurt.

If the current trends continue, it’s believed to be just a matter of time before a life-threatening injury is suffered by one participant.

For his part, the 32 year-old voiced his concerns.

“Listen, everybody’s got their own thoughts and opinion about this fight. But for me, as a real professional boxer that has sacrificed so much to get to a certain level and get paid what I deserved, it’s a slap in the face in so many ways.

“(It’s) Nothing to do with the network or how it was promoted. Because if you ask me, yes it’s smart on their end financially.

“But I saw so many illegal punches that could damage a person’s life. To see how much they got paid for a six-round fight and to see real pros be on the undercards.

“Again my own personal thoughts. I know a lot of y’all said it was entertaining, but so are the fights between two crackheads in the street.

“I’m just speaking as a real pro fighter. But then again, I have to remember that we live in a world that is upside down nowadays,” he added.

With four in-ring deaths already this year, it seems to be poor timing to stage such an event. Just a day after the encounter, a pro boxer died in sparring.

Holding a completely valid point, Mares knows it takes many, many years for a pro boxer to hone his craft.

Going from scratch to a sanctioned fight in mere months is not a healthy example to set, by any stretch of the imagination.


It is what it is, though. This trend of blending celebrity, exhibitions and cross-codes bouts doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Just this week, former world ruler Marcos Maidana announced a fight against a heavyweight kickboxer. ‘Chino’ has been out of the ring for five years and last competed at 154 pounds.

Ballooning in weight whilst enjoying life, Maidana doesn’t seem too bothered about getting into complete fighting shape for his return.

Furthermore, confirmation of the contest states Maidana is willing to fight Jorge Cali at 187 pounds.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay