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Promoter Eddie Hearn defends YouTube Fight: There was no harm done!

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Promoter Eddie Hearn has defended his right to stage a clash between two YouTube presenters on a stage previously saved for professional boxers.

Arranging for both to be given licenses, Hearn oversaw the finer details of the contest at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Since the fight, and on the back of a stack of criticism from world champions and other bonafide fighters, Hearn says the event is the most watched ever on the DAZN platform.

WBN understands the fight managed to bring in less subscribers than the Canelo vs Kovalev clash on November 2, though.

In an appearance on the new AK and Barak show on Sirius XM Boxing, Hearn outlined why he believes the sport needs this kind of show.

Hearn’s words mean there could be more in the pipeline for late 2019 and the first half of 2020 in order to keep up momentum.

Admitting the die-hard fans wanted no part of the broadcast, Hearn is still sure there’s a place for celebrity boxing in the mainstream.


It’s a no from WBN. Hopefully, this kind of money grab by people who cannot swing a decent punch is eradicated as soon as possible.

Many real boxers took to social media to air the same view as WBN, with Abner Mares even highlighting a possible danger to life through lack of skills.

YouTube Boxing should stay on YouTube where it belongs. There are fighters who spend years of their career attempting to even make it to the undercard of an event like last Saturday’s.

Two presenters walk in and see it as a right of passage to become pro boxers simply due to the amount of followers they have.

We all know Pay-Per-View is the only way cash can be obtained from this kind of showcase, meaning boxing was the prime target.

Once again, the sport has been used and abused by under-earned celebrity status. A worrying trend that shows no signs of relenting.