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Is Nate Diaz Likely to Get a Rematch with Jorge Masvidal or McGregor any time soon?

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The fate of the boxing sensation Nate Diaz hangs in the balance as the world waits to see whether they are going to witness his exciting bouts in the ring soon.

Battered overwhelmingly during his last fight with Jorge Masvidal and saved by the cage-side doctor before the fourth round, Nate Diaz insists that he still had the chance to pull it up and is intent on a rematch with Masvidal. His popularity with fans is not in doubt, and fans are eager to see whether the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) will grant him the wish and call for a rematch with Masvidal

34-year-old Nate Diaz is a mixed Martial Artist popular figure known for his entertaining bouts characterized by lots of action and aggression. For instance, he is known for winning with late-round surges, which he is sure could have turned things around had the doctor not saved him from more injuries on the third round on his recent fight. His antics did not start yesterday, and he is said to have dropped out of his sophomore year at Tokay High School in Lodi, California, where he engaged in lots of after school fights.

Despite his recent flooring by Masvidal, where Masvidal led on all the three rounds, Nate Diaz is intent on a rematch, arguing that he wasn’t finished and could have gone on to win. Being a popular figure in the MMA, a rematch is, however, not likely, and Dana White, the UFC president, has not given much indications to the possibility of a rematch. One of the reasons is that Masvidal could be headed for more actions than Diaz, whom UFC does not seemingly have any more future plans. The situation is no doubt a desperate one for Diaz, who could consequently be headed to a bleak future if UFC drops him for much better prospects.

Moreover, having just recently come out of a 3-year layoff and low performance in his contest with Masvidal, Diaz has all the more reason to cling desperately to a rematch to secure his future.

Interestingly, Diaz has a huge following of fans, and a rematch would not be a farfetched idea. Firstly because fans love his action, and he is a massive attraction for pay per view draws which would fetch a huge buy-in from eager fans waiting to witness his entertaining fights. His preference for heavy combat has made him steer clear of wrestling arguing that wrestling does not provide the level of serious action that he prefers to engage in. This is evidently true, seeing as the last bout with Malvidaz almost cost him his life were it not for the doctor’s stoppage that saved him from more nasty injuries, which incidentally cost him 25 stitches.

It is no wonder then that the game ended in a sort of anticlimax for Nate Diaz and his fans who are used to match heavier action. It is also one of the reasons that Diaz would like to have a duel with Masvidal to prove who is king if he is granted a rematch. Of course, the idea would still be appealing to Masvidal, who would also benefit from the massive buy-ins from eager fans. This would also play well into his (Masvidal) rising fame after fighting with the renowned Diaz. If and when this happens, you can be sure to catch it in your favorite Sweden Casino with video slots –

The future, however, looks uncertain for Diaz especially now that the UFC has hard decisions to make concerning him. His popularity on one end is not in doubt while at the same time, the UFC needs to safeguard their company interests. This might go his way, and he is granted his rematch with either Masvidal or Connor McGregor, which in turn keeps him in the ring. It could also go against him if he is pitted against lesser opponents which will relegate him to a less serious stature as a great fighter, a move that Diaz does not feel comfortable with. This no doubt has made Dana White, the UFO president, and Nate Diaz to clash, and as such, a showdown is likely to loom until one of them blinks and makes a move.