How Betting on Boxing Works – What You Need to Know

Right now, with fighters such as Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury back on the scene, boxing has arguably never been more exciting.

There’s just something special about settling down on a Saturday evening with a couple of drinks and your favourite food, ready to relax as you watch two absolute beasts beat the heck out of each other for your viewing pleasure.

To add an even greater element of excitement to the mix however, why not have a cheeky wager or two on the big fight and see if you can earn some money in the process? Sites like Fansbet offer boxing markets for all of the big fights, and they are one of the top choices for boxing bets. To make things a little easier for you, here’s a look at how betting on boxing works and at what you need to know. 

Betting on over 

If you ‘bet on over’ as it is known, this is basically where you bet on the fight going the distance and going the full 12 rounds. Now, before you get too excited when the bell rings to signify the end of the 11th, just hold your horses. In order for a bet on over to come to fruition, in order for you to make your money you need to ensure that the fight lasts until at least half-way through the 12th round. Once the fight hits 1 minute 30 seconds, any stoppage which takes place after this mark will result in you being victorious. Before that, if the fight stops, you lose. 

Betting on under 

If you ‘bet on under’ you can basically predict when you think the fight will end by. You can therefore bet that a certain fighter will win in, say, 5 rounds, meaning that you predict that the fight will last less than 6. 

Win, lose, or draw 

Although you can probably guess how this boxing betting strategy works, we’re going to include it anyways just to ensure that there’s no confusion. When you bet on a boxing match, you can bet on which fighter will win or lose, or on whether you predict that the match will be deemed a draw. In terms of how betting on boxing works, this is pretty self-explanatory. 

Stoppage or knockout 

These are known as proposition wagers. The basic principle behind these wagers is that you can attempt to predict whether a fighter will win by stoppage or knockout. If you back a fighter to win by knockout or stoppage, as you’ve probably guessed, the only way your bet will come in will be if the fighter you’ve predicted to win or lose either wins or loses by knockout or by stoppage. To increase the amount of money you could potentially win, you could also attempt to predict the round in which the stoppage or knockout occurs. If you get that right, you could potentially make yourself a very tidy sum of money.