How to Bet on Boxing: Terms, Tips, and Strategies to Know

Boxing Frank Bruno

Lawrence Lustig

While betting on boxing, picking matches, and making an educated choice goes beyond merely glancing at the opponents’ records and the odds.

By clearly understanding what every fighter brings to the ring, you can identify a victory path and quickly formulate a solid pick. However, that’s harder than it sounds, especially if you’re a beginner at combat sports betting.

This boxing betting guide will give you essential terms, tips, and strategies that can help you succeed in Betway in the long run. 

Basic terms in boxing betting

Before wagering any amount of money on boxing, you need to understand the basic markets available in most bookies. Some of the top bets to play include:


  • The MoneyLine


In any bout, there are only three possible outcomes – either boxer to win or a draw. As such, the MoneyLine bet involves predicting which of the three results will happen. However, draws are very rare, though not totally out of the question.


  • Over/ Under Rounds


Besides predicting the match-winner, you can wager on the number of rounds a match will last. That means the bookie will set several rounds and let you decide whether the match will end before or after the round indicated. You’re also free to bet the exact round which you think the match will end and also who will emerge the winner.


  • Methods of Victory


The more specific your boxing bets are, the higher the return. As such, you can also bet on the methods of victory that a fighter will use to win a fight. These methods of winning include:

  1. Knockout (KO) – It occurs when one of the fighters fail to answer before the referee counts to ten.
  2. Technical Knockout (TKO) – When the referee, ring doctor, or the fighters’ corner decide that a fighter is unfit to continue with the bout, his opponent wins the match by a TKO. 
  3. Disqualified (DQ) – A fighter may be disqualified for lots of reasons, including hitting the opponent below the belt or behind the head repeatedly, ignoring the referee’s warnings. 
  4. Decision – If the fight lasts to the number of allotted rounds without a DQ, TKO or KO, it’s up to the cards to determine the winner. Many know it as “going the distance,” where the three judges besides the ring award points on a ten-point system. As such, the winner is the fighter with most points from at least two judges.

Tips & Strategies

Before betting on any boxing match at Betway, you need to break down a fight and convert odds into probability. In sports betting, all odds correlate with the implied probability, and boxing is no different. Here are more tips to help you formulate a solid strategy for long-term success when betting on boxing:

  • Analyze every fighter’s last five matches and the momentum
  • Consider every fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, including speed, punching power, technique, endurance, punch resistance, and physical fitness.
  • Check for style mismatches, especially when the underdog has long odds since they might have what it takes to exploit such flaws.
  • After understanding each fighter and their operations in the ring, revisit the odds and check whether they correlate with your view. Bet where there is value.