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Home » Incoming: YouTuber bombarded after saying he beats real boxers

Incoming: YouTuber bombarded after saying he beats real boxers

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A YouTuber Boxing participant in what’s been branded ‘a professional contest’ this weekend has been ridiculed for an astounding comment on pro boxers.

In a move that has also been branded ’embarrassing’ and ‘disrespectful’, fans and boxers are perplexed by the statement.

Talking to Sky Sports, a platform which has also taken some flak for promoting the comments, the presenter said he fight and beat the real thing.

His words were instantly met by a flurry of head-slapping emojis and responses from bonafide competitors and champions.

Irishman Gary O’Sullivan was one of the more passionate speakers.

Just a few have been selected below, but there were too many to choose from.

Real boxers

I’d drop down to featherweight and still whoop both your asses don’t talk nonsense lads. – John Joe Nevin.

Go on outta dat you wouldn’t box eggs ya plumber. I’ll move up a few weights and knock you and the other plumber out in the same night.

Nothing about hate! I was backing them both for putting themselves in position to earn good cash and get good exposure for themselves and boxing. But to come and say he could beat pro boxer’s ffs that’s bullsh***. – Gary O’Sullivan.

I’d comeback for this one at Cruiser. – Frank Buglioni.

So would I, Frank. – Glenn McCrory.

Punters, who are disappointed in the decision to give the ‘fight’ the platform as the pros, also blasted the interview.

Here’s a just a taste of what’s been said:

Couldn’t beat an egg.

15 year old amateurs in the Rotunda would iron you out in 60 seconds.

Please let them both attempt to box a real boxer who has been training since age 4. Even at 14, they could wipe the floor with these fools.

Yeah mate, just like the celebrities from Socceraid can definitely play other pro football teams, and beat them.

The weekend cant come and go soon enough until this joke is over.

That’s just disrespectful tbh.


This guy has officially lost it.

Cannot believe Sky are actually putting interviews like this out, it’s embarrassing man.

I’m assuming he’s referring to PlayStation right?


Sadly, this weekend may not be the end of the road for bouts like this on higher-profile channels.

Those involved in staging the event are already looking at two more potential offerings by the spring of 2020.

Whatever the outcome, YouTube Boxing has become a lucrative business.

It won’t stop those involved in the sport wanting that exposure to the younger fans in the current millennial gaming generation.