Luis Ortiz bids to overcome odds, CANCEL Wilder vs Fury rematch forever

Luis Ortiz

📸 Ryan Hafey

Luis Ortiz has a second opportunity to end the undefeated and impressive record of Deontay Wilder when the pair meet in Las Vegas on November 23.

At long odds, much harder to win than when playing Online Bingo, Ortiz must make a mockery of those bookies offering +490 for the stakes.

The tough Cuban almost achieved the mammoth feat in their first meeting by capitalizing on Wilder’s frailties due to the weight differential.

Wilder regularly comes in well under his opponent’s weights and could conceivably make cruiserweight if he so desired.

This leaves ‘The Bronze Bomber’ open to being wobbled, which proved to be the case in March 2018.

Fast forward nineteen months and the pair go at it for a second time. Ortiz is confident he can put an end to Wilder’s plans to face Tyson Fury again on February 22nd.

“I’m very happy to have this opportunity at the rematch. Wilder had the courage to take the rematch and that’s a big part of why this is happening. I’m excited for this fight and I’m going to make the most of it,” said Ortiz.

“There are no excuses from me. The first fight is over. Now we’re on to this fight. I’m going to get the victory. There are things that are being done differently, but it will all be decided in the ring.”

On the potential to blow Wilder vs Fury 2 out of the water, Ortiz replied: “I’m focused on this fight and only this fight.

“I’m not a man of many words, but the opportunity is here and it was destined to be. Here we go.

“A warrior doesn’t abandon his mission. My mission is to become world champion. I’ve trained very hard since my loss and it will all culminate on November 23.

“I won’t make the same mistake this time like I made in the last fight. I’m going to be more prepared, more aggressive and have more of everything. I’m taking it all up a level.”


Despite his intentions, Ortiz expects the same kind of encounter to open up at the MGM Grand.

“There was no reason for me not winning the first fight, it just is what it is,” stated ‘King Kong’.

“We knew that one of us was going to get knocked out. I have that same sentiment for the rematch. This fight is not going 12 rounds.

“I want November 23 to get here sooner than later. I’m ready to step into the ring and do the job and become heavyweight world champion.”

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