Boxing fans and media confused as Canelo vs Kovalev gives way to UFC

Canelo vs Kovalev Ryan Garcia

A visible confusion reigned on Saturday night despite the fact Golden Boy and DAZN confirmed Canelo vs Sergey Kovalev would not take place before the finale of UFC 244.

Those fans and media who didn’t get the memo took to social media to ask why the Las Vegas headliner failed to take place for over an hour.

Ryan Garcia knocked out Romero Duno in the co-feature at around 8:30pm local time, 11:30 Eastern and was over in the first round.

Rather than Canelo and Kovalev beginning their ring walks, UFC 244 was relayed on the big screens at the MGM Grand instead.

It was then apparent to those who were perplexed that Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal was on the menu before the main boxing course.

A 90-minute wait elapsed from the end of Garcia vs Duno to the completion of Diaz vs Masvidal.

Those covering from the East Coast would be forced to wait until at least 1am.


Annoyed comments on the situation came thick and fast.

DAZN to Canelo: continue warming up, keep loose we’re waiting for two UFC guys with over 10 losses each to finish fighting for the BMF belt.

After dolling out $360 million to Canelo who’s the genius at DAZN that schelduled this fight the same night as a giant UFC match at MSG.

This is ridiculous. Kovalev is laying on a couch in his dressing room and Canelo’s had his gloves on for almost an hour as they wait for UFC 244 to end.

Canelo, a man who signed for 365 mil to DAZN, has to wait for two fighters from the UFC who won’t make over 300,000 in 3 years to finish fighting before he starts his bout. Idk but you don’t have Tom Brady wait for two small D1 college teams to finish playing.

Kovalev and Canelo both have taken a nap, while they wait for UFC 244 to end which is being shown in the arena to a lot of confused fans.

Boxing won’t run main event (Kovalev-Canelo) until UFC is done. That could be 30-plus more minutes. Seems ill-advised.

Whether this kind of incident happens again is in doubt after what has turned out to be a farcical turn of events.

Canelo was seen pacing up and down his dressing room and not looking happy at the decision made.

Moments later, both boxers were laying down on their respective couches as the ridiculous circumstance unfolded.