WATCH: Slimmer Andy Ruiz Jr. shows off weight loss in UFC video

Andy Ruiz Jr.

📸 Ed Mulholland

Andy Ruiz Jr. gave his prediction for Saturday night’s UFC clash between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz.

Looking far sleeker than in recent months, Ruiz continues to prepare for his battle with Anthony Joshua on December 7.

Ruiz heads to Saudi Arabia hoping to repeat his feat of June 1st in their highly-anticipated rematch.

Earlier in their media obligations, Ruiz had promised to whip himself into shape and has subsequently delivered.

‘The Destroyer’ looks at least a stone lighter and has lost a considerable amount of flab sported for the New York bout.

“I’m gonna train my ass off, God’s on my side, and we’re gonna win,” promised Ruiz in a promise fulfilled.

“I know AJ, I know he wants his belts back, I know he does, I know how it feels to lose. I lost against Joseph Parker, when I thought I won the fight. And he could bounce back.

“But my job is for him not to win. For him not to get these belts back.

“I’ve been through so many roller coasters in my life, so many doubters in my life telling me I wasn’t gonna do nothing just because of my appearance, the way I look.

“But at least I think I’m proof – where people can say man, if he did it, I can do it. And they could. Long as you train hard, you dedicate yourself, and you believe what you want to do.

“What I believe on December 7 is that the same results are gonna happen,” he added.

Pictured topless in sparring with Michael Hunter recently, Ruiz looks a shadow of his former self.

For his part, Joshua has also knuckled down to work in the gym. The Briton has to win in order to stave off a divisional title lockout.

AJ is hell-bent on rectifying his solitary loss.

“There’s times I’ve faced defeat, as an amateur in my third fight. And imagine I would have stopped then? There’d be no now,” he recalled.

“I lost in the European Quarter Finals. Imagine I would have stopped then? There’d be no now.

“I lost in the World Championship Finals. Imagine I would have stopped then? There’d be no now. I feel like stopping isn’t in my DNA.

“As long as I have breath in me, I’ll keep on fighting for the passion of boxing. More so to carry the sport, as an ambassador of the sport, and for an ambassador of championship level fighting.

“I feel like that’s where I belong.”


He continued: “I was born with a fighting spirit. I know how to fight. And the blessing is that people reflect it as you lost the titles, you lost your titles.

“I always say that to lose something is to never get it back. But I believe. I’m certain that I am going to have a second chance on December 7.

“We didn’t have no warm-up fight. I’m not gun shy. I’m looking forward to getting back in there December 7 and reclaiming my belts.”