Oscar De La Hoya: Sergey Kovalev could end Canelo fight at any moment

Oscar De La Hoya

📸 Amanda Westcott

Oscar De La Hoya knows the dangers superstar fighter Canelo Alvarez faces when the Mexican trades blows with Sergey Kovalev this weekend.

Back in 2004, De La Hoya battled now friend and Golden Boy business partner Bernard Hopkins.

Despite insisting on a catchweight of 156 for their middleweight clash, De La Hoya was massively out-weighed on fight night. And it showed.

Beating down in nine rounds, De La Hoya went a step too far against Hopkins. There are some fears Canelo may have done similar with Kovalev.

Looking a slighter figure at the head-to-head, it’s thought Canelo will give away up to ten pounds in weight inside the ropes.

De La Hoya believes Kovalev holds all the aces in the power department. The chances of taking Canelo out with one punch will be constant.

“Kovalev is a three-time world champion. Kovalev is one of the most avoided fighters in his own division. With Kovalev’s strength and power, he can end the fight at any moment,” stated De La Hoya.

“This is what it looks like when you have the initiative to keep looking for that next challenge. And then, only then, is the competition no longer against the man in front of you.

“It’s now between you and history.

“Canelo is now attempting to become a four-weight world champion, an accomplishment that has only been achieved by an elite group of fighters.

“Canelo will also look to become the second Mexican fighter to capture the 175 title in the history of Mexican boxing. And Canelo will attempt that by fighting one of the most feared punchers in recent years.

“For those wanting to witness history from the comfort of their homes, the fight will be streamed live on DAZN. We want to thank DAZN for giving us the best platform in boxing,” he added.


Should Canelo come out on top, the pound for pound top spot will be assured once again.

Vasyl Lomachenko has overhauled Canelo twice in recent times and is the only viable threat to the throne as things stand.

Becoming a four-weight ruler will cement Canelo’s legacy for eternity and see the 29 year-old take his place at the top of the P4P tree.

Tune in to DAZN this Saturday night to find out if Canelo can overcome the odds.