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WBC warn pro boxers: Fight at 2020 Olympics, get expelled!

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Professional boxers face expulsion from the World Boxing Council for two years if they choose to compete alongside amateurs at the 2020 Olympics.

The WBC announced that those who make the fateful decision to compete in Tokyo, will face a winter of discontent. Plus more seasons out in the cold.

In the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun at the 57th WBC annual Convention, its President Mauricio Sulaiman said seasoned pros should never fight young still developing amateurs.

Also, explaining it’s an issue of principle.

He said: ‘’We are inspired by the South Africa ban. My Father did it with the WBC in 1975. We supported the efforts of Nelson Mandela to combat the horrible act of discrimination.

“The WBC started a ban on anyone who would participate in boxing in South Africa, supporting apartheid. So that is the inspiration and the message.

WBC warns Olympic professional boxers

Concerning those pros who fight amateurs in the Tokyo Olympics Mauricio stressed: ‘’Well they’re simply expelled from WBC activity for two years.’

The WBC took the same form of action announcing a two years ban viz the Rio Olympics.

The World Boxing Council is going to stand and deliver viz the International Olympic Committee. This will express its respectful but deep concern about professional fighters being mismatched against amateur boxers in next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

At its fifty seventh annual Convention in Cancun the WBC announced it’ll send a letter to the IOC highlighting and underlining the controversial issues.

Seasoned powerful professionals being allowed to fight against and likely dominate callow amateur youth, with all the risks of injury and the willful crushing of young dreams.


WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman stressed: “A four rounds fighter has very different characteristics from a twelve round champion.

“There is a very different attitude between amateurs and pros. We at the WBC have no other agenda apart from the protection of the boxers. It is a World Consensus. We prefer to build bridges.”

Lydia Robertson from the Association of Boxing Commissions agrees: “There is no question of the fully developed boxer versus the amateur.”

The Boxing Federations of the United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland among others have already underlined their total opposition to pros fighting amateurs in the Olympics.

Earlier this year the IOC removed AIBA’s right to have anything to do with the upcoming.

One of AIBA’s legion of mistakes was demanding that amateur competitors in the Rio Olympics not wear head guards. A welter of cuts ensued. It ruined many chances to progress.

The WBC is helping develop amateur boxing. Explaining its desire to foster support. Plus dignity and self-esteem. Amateur boxing remains the foundation bedrock of the sport.

Most of its greatest stars and superstars had their first steps. Then step by step experience in amateur competitions.

The vast majority wouldn’t consider taking on or taking to task a youngster in this uneven fashion. They are clearly remembering the younger version of themselves.