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Ex-pro boxer predicts Joshua vs Fury will never happen

Former English champion Tyler Goodjohn reckons his next fight could be a breakthrough for bareknuckle boxing.

Goodjohn will forget his friendship with pound-for-pound No 1 Jimmy Sweeney and fight him next March, provided ‘The Celtic Warior’ comes through his next fight.

Sweeney defends his world lightweight championship against Ricardo Franco at London’s O2 Indigo on Saturday, November 16 – and victory would set up a clash with Goodjohn.

Goodjohn says a fight with Sweeney is massive for him – and the sport.

“This is the fight that could make bareknuckle boxing a mainstream sport,” said the 28 year old from Ely.

“He’s No 1 and I’m No 2. It’s the best against the best.

“It has the makings of a really good fight and we have time to build it. By the time the fight happens, everyone will be talking about it.#

“This fight could make bareknuckle boxing massive.

“The reason we never pushed for the fight was that there was too much friendship there.

“I had a Q and A the other night and was asked if I would fight Jimmy. I said he’s the best bareknuckle fighter in the world and have so much respect for him, but yes, I would fight him. Jimmy messaged me and said: ‘Let’s do it.’

“This sort of thing doesn’t happen in pro boxing. Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury should be an easy fight to make, but it will never happen.

“There’s no messing about in bareknuckle boxing. If someone says: ‘Let’s fight’ you fight.

“We are real gladiators, fighting to prove who’s the best.

“I’m not in this sport to beat people I know I can beat. If you don’t want to challenge the top boys, what’s the point.

“I’ve just beaten Sean George and now I’m fighting Jimmy.”

Goodjohn doesn’t envisage Franco wrecking his plans to fight Sweeney.

Franco gets his world-title shot after winning ‘Prizefighter’ and Goodjohn said: “Jimmy will beat him easily. He is just too good technically.

Franco is big and strong, but his boxing ability is nowhere near Jimmy’s. Franco will come forward and Jimmy will counter him all night long.

I can’t see it going any other way.”