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Home » Exclusive: ‘Cheats & roids’ – Nicholas Asberry’s dark side of boxing

Exclusive: ‘Cheats & roids’ – Nicholas Asberry’s dark side of boxing

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Former Tyson Fury sparring Nicholas Asberry has opened up to WBN on the darker side of boxing on the back of glove tampering allegations.

The American recently alleged Fury or his team took the padding out of sparring gloves in order to cause more damage in damp.

These accusations have been firmly denied by Fury team members Ben Davison and Jorge Capetillo.

Delving further into his experiences, Asberry is clearly unhappy at some of the things he’s witnessed in the sport.

Nicholas Asberry talks to World Boxing News about Boxing’s dark side

“On plenty of occasions, I have seen some thing’s in boxing like having a ring set up a certain way to benefit a fighter of one style more than another,” a disgruntled Asberry exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I know of fighters on steroids and I’ve seen fighters deliberately overmatched. They will also make someone do a ton of medicals the week of the fight.

“I’ve seen people try to make money off of amateur boxers and the fighters themselves don’t get a dime.

“I have seen someone turn off a sparring clock on a mentally unstable person and beat the life out of them. But I also said something every time!

“I can’t keep a secret about someone acting fake especially when people’s lives are at risk.

“We need more regulation because fighters are dying while everyone else is thriving.

“There are also so many fighters doing other fighters dirty to try anything they can to get an advantage.

“Different sports around the world have evolved with rules and regulations for the protection of the athlete. why not boxing?”


Concluding on whether he’s ever seen another incident like the claims he made against Fury, Asberry said: “I have never really or it probably happened and I didn’t notice because they were not an elite boxer.

“Usually, every time I get in the ring a fighter cheats to beat me because I got the whole package.

“A ring announcer, ‘Ray from PBC (Who I don’t have anything to do with) told me I have the Lebron (James) effect.

“Anything I do say or anywhere I present myself I get a reaction out of people good or bad. It’s been like that since I was a kid.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay