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Home » Canelo, Loma WBC Franchise branded ‘a nightmare’

Canelo, Loma WBC Franchise branded ‘a nightmare’

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It’s safe to say the World Boxing Council decision to boost Canelo Alvarez and Vasyl Lomachenko to basically ‘super’ status hasn’t gone down well.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman made the most recent decision on Lomachenko alongside WBC chiefs at the ongoing Convention in Cancun.

Canelo was already elevated after his victory over Danny Jacobs in May. Lomachenko is now a WBC Franchise champion alongside the Mexican.

‘Franchise Champion’ means the ‘original’ WBC strap moves on to the next available contender. It keeps whoever is chosen as ‘Franchise’ linked to the WBC forever.

Devin Haney benefitted by being gifted the WBC lightweight title without a fight. Similar happened to Jermall Charlo on the back of Canelo’s accolade.

Questions have now been raised on the reasoning behind the WBC’s choice to join the WBA in adding more and more belts to the sport.

Wanting to add people they respect to their organization is all good and well, but there are certainly better ways of going about it.

Making them ‘Honorary Lifetime Champion’ would have been a whole lot better, without the need for any straps being affected.

One man who isn’t impressed is legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer. The man with the golden voice says the move now restricts Canelo and the Ukrainian master from becoming undisputed.

With Charlo and Haney holding the WBC ‘regular’ belts, Canelo and ‘Loma’ are no longer recognized as WBC champions in the eyes of the fans.

Something Buffer obviously agrees with when interacting with a fan on social media recently.

“Bowe ‘binned’ the (WBC) belt (and) gave up ‘undisputed’ and Lennox was ‘awarded’ it!

“It’s all insane! Thanks for reminding us of the famous bin-drop!????????

“Now, Loma can’t become ‘undisputed’. Neither can Canelo! WTF?

“Wake me when it’s over as this is a nightmare!”


An ever-growing mass of fans are revealing their disgruntlement with what’s going on in boxing as belts continue to be added.

The WBA promised WBN they’d drop the ‘super’ titles in 2013. Six years later there are more trinkets than ever.

With the WBC now following suit, the move will only further degrade the sport and does need addressing as soon as possible.