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Explained: Lomachenko’s position as WBC Franchise Champion

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In a move that sees Devin Haney become the new WBC lightweight title holder, Vasyl Lomachenko has been elevated to overall champion at 135 pounds.

A similar move to that of Canelo, Lomachenko will now be recognized as a WBC ruler in every fight throughout his career.

‘Loma’ will be able to challenge for any green and gold belt at any weight he chooses, as and when it suits him.

Making the announcement on Wednesday, the WBC was proud to secure Lomachenko for the remainder of his time in the sport.

Lomachenko – WBC Franchise champion

“Vasiliy Lomachenko has become the World Boxing Council’s Franchise Champion,” stated the WBC.

“The announcement was made at the WBC’s 57th annual Convention, at the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun.

“An Olympic Gold Medal, a world champion in only his second pro fight. Now world crowns in three weight divisions, the southpaw genius dazzles with his speed, precision and sheer brilliance.

“He specifically requested to fight for the vacant WBC lightweight belt and won it in great style.

“In accepting this superstar accolade Vasiliy said in excellent English,  that it’d been his childhood dream to win a Green and Gold WBC Belt and now it’s come true.

“He also said he’ll always try to prove himself worthy of this honor and this confidence.”


Furthermore, the WBC mandatory situation was then elaborated on.

Lightweight: Franchise Champion Vasiliy Lomachenko (Ukraine) – World Champion Devin Haney (U.S.A.)

Lomachenko was named WBC Franchise champion and No. 1 ranked WBC interim champion Devin Haney of the U.S.A. was elevated to world champion.

The fight on November 2 between No. 5 ranked Javier Fortuna of Dominican Republic and Jesus Cuellar of Argentina was approved as a final eliminator due to determining the mandatory challenger.

It seems the winner of Fortuna vs Cuellar will face Haney at some point in 2020.

Lomachenko’s new position is explained below:

There are seven points to the WBC ‘Franchise’ Champion. WBN outlines what each one means.

1. The Franchise Champion designation is exclusively by appointment of the WBC Board of Governors by a majority vote of the board.

Loma was voted by the WBC as their main active fighter after similar were handed out to Floyd Mayweather, Canelo and Vitali Klitschko in the past.

2. This designation is not transferable and is exclusive to the fighter who receives such designation.

Loma is unable to pass the honor to another fighter.


3. The Franchise Champion will be designated as WBC Emeritus Champion once he retires from boxing.

Loma will be in similar standing to Mayweather, Canelo and Klitschko once he too hangs up his gloves.

This effectively means he can challenge any champion at any weight if he wants to come out of retirement.

4. The Franchise Champion will proudly represent the WBC in every single fight as a reigning WBC champion. This is regardless of any specific conditions or titles being associated with all future fights. WBC rules and regulations will govern under the traditional conditions of boxing in the Franchise champion fights.

WBC will approve through the franchise champion promoter every opponent scheduled to fight.

Any future foe named by Loma, at any weight class or under any circumstances, will be challenging him as WBC ‘Franchise’ (basically Overall) Champion.

(However, it’s not yet been made clear if this means WBC sanctioning fees will be due for every bout.)

5. Franchise Champion agrees to participate in a minimum of two social responsibility events every year, organized and in conjunction with the WBC.

Loma will be an ambassador for the WBC moving forward.

6. The WBC may recognize a WBC champion in the division or divisions where the Franchise champion currently competes.

For example, if Loma moves up to super lightweight and beats the current title holder, the WBC championship would then become vacant for another contender.

7. The WBC may award a Diamond Championship belt in those fights in which the Franchise Champion engages.

If the Franchise Champion loses, the winner will receive the Diamond belt and may be considered as mandatory contender of the division.

In addition, every fight in which Loma now competes will be a WBC mandatory fight. If Loma wins there’s no change in his or the opponent’s status.

Furthermore, should the challenger win, he WILL NOT become Franchise champion. Instead will be the next in line for the other WBC champion of that division.