WBC 57th Convention: Cancun Day 2 round-up

RINGSIDE 23/10/2019

The 57th annual WBC convention continued Tuesday at the Grand Oasis Cancun.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman opened the morning’s assembly meeting by saying, “We have an agenda for today that will address several important subjects. The WBC has taken amateur boxing as a top priority for the last two decades.”

International Secretary Jill Diamond gave a video presentation on the activity and success of amateur programs in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and several other cities in the United States, as well as the positive effects they have on boxers of all ages and backgrounds.

Very positive reports were given on amateur boxing programs around the world. Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz reported on the successful amateur programs in Uruguay and Argentina. International Secretary Miguel de Pablos reported on Spain, Executive Committee Bismarck Morales reported on Nicaragua. Reports were also given for Poland, Germany, and Canada.

Pepe Sulaiman and Nancy Rodriguez of the WBC’s Los Angeles office reported on the annual Green Belt Challenge amateur tournament and other amateur activities.

The dangers of allowing professional boxers to compete in the Olympic Games were detailed, and the WBC has already established a two-year ban from any WBC-affiliated fights for any professional boxer who competes in the Olympic Games.

Several video presentations of medical-related topics were given, including proper hydration and how to achieve it, and the effects and dangers of dehydration.

WBC Medical Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Paul Wallace reported on the medical meeting held on Monday.

A report was also given on the WBC 2020 Safe Boxing Task Force.

Trainer Abel Sanchez talked about the relationship between trainers and the boxers in the gym. Abel was also presented with an award for his contributions to the sport since 1972 by Robert Lenhardt.

President Sulaiman proposed mandatory reporting of injuries that occur in the gym to local commissions.

The Good Fellow Award was presented to WBC Promoters Representative Tom Loeffler.

Executive Committee member Will Boodhoo was awarded for his work with medical issues and weight management for boxers.

Boxrec’s Dr. Marina Sheppard gave a detailed video report on several new features of their record keeping and several more that are still in progress.

President Sulaiman made a motion that every country affiliated with the WBC use Boxrec for their records and suspensions list, which was passed by the Board of Governors. Dr. Sheppard was also presented with the WBC’s 2019 Lady of the Year award.


International Secretary Malte Muller-Michaelis reported on the progress of women’s boxing and the 2018 WBC Female Convention held in Manila, Philippines. Plans for the 2020 Female Convention will be announced soon.

Promoter Don Majeski was presented with an award for his contributions to boxing and the WBC by Board of Governors member Mauro Betti.