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Home » Exclusive: Jay Carrigan-McFarlane talks Ultimate Boxxer 6

Exclusive: Jay Carrigan-McFarlane talks Ultimate Boxxer 6

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Ultimate Boxxer is back in December, this time with the big boys, as the heavyweights roll into Manchester. The event takes place on December 13th at Planet Ice Arena in Manchester.

Scottish cruiserweight champion Jay Carrigan-McFarlane is hoping this will be the opportunity to reignite his career.

After a couple of early career losses, one of which was in Madison Square Gardens, Carrigan-McFarlane (10-4) went on a 7 fight win streak. This included picking up the vacant Scottish cruiserweight title in 2017.

Jay suffered a shock home defeat on points to Josh Sandland and is keen to get back into action.

Jay Carrigan-McFarlane speaks to World Boxing News

“I cannot wait! Finally, something to get my arse in gear for, get up for it.” Carrigan-McFarlane exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I was down in Leeds last week for the press conference, all the contestants were there, aye they are contestants? All the fighters were there, it was like the X Factor. So got to meet everyone, it was brilliant.”

Carrigan-McFarlane isn’t concerned about who he gets in the draw.

“I don’t care who I get matched against,” he said. “I’m there to enjoy it. I’ve met a few of the other guys before, Sean Turner and Kamil Sokolowski, I know them. It was good to meet them all.”

Having won the Scottish cruiserweight title, I asked Jay if he was finished with the cruiserweight division.

“I was only a cruiserweight for one night. I only fought at cruiserweight to prove I could do it.” Carrigan-McFarlane explained.

“My eyes have always been set on heavyweight. I feel more comfortable there. Felt cruiserweight didnt suit my style.

“Heavyweight is where my future is unless something (big) comes up at cruiserweight.

“Nobody remembers the cruiserweight champion of the world, always the heavyweight champion, always has been.

“It suits me more as a fighter. It’s the glory division, it’s more interesting. As a boxing fan a cruiserweight fight is just as interesting as a heavyweight fight but the general spectator doesn’t care about the cruiserweight fight.”


With a couple of big domestic heavyweight fights lined up or rumoured, I asked Carrigan-McFarlane for his take on a potential Daniel Dubois-Dave Allen fight and the upcoming Dereck Chisora-David Price fight.

“I think someone like Dave Allen is a nightmare for Dubois,” Jay said. “Dubois rely’s on smashing somebody and getting them out of there.

“Dave Allen, like myself, is there to be hit but we will take punishment and keep coming. I think Allen could be a nightmare for Dubois.

“Pricey, big Pricey. I’ve been down sparring with Pricey in his preparation for the Chisora fight. I hope Pricey does it, he always has his set backs, unlucky but what a diamond of a guy. Hope he does it. I like Chisora as well, that remark at the press conference about no vaseline is one of the best I’ve heard at a press conference for years. Quality fight, quality all British fight.”

By Mick Kane.