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WBC conclude Avni Yildirim PED investigation, confirm mandatory shot

World Boxing Council chiefs have given Avni Yildirim the benefit of the doubt following an adverse finding in a drug sample.

As part of the WBC Clean Boxing Program, Yildirim was randomly tested and flagged for a banned substance.

His number one position with the WBC was under threat as an investigation was launched.

After the completion of the process, Yildirim has now been confirmed as the mandatory challenger to 168-pound title holder David Benavidez.

“The World Boxing Council has closed its Clean Boxing Program’s Results Management process concerning Avni Yildirim’s adverse finding. This is related to a recent out-of-competition anti-doping test,” said the WBC.

“That process included a thorough scientific investigation and evaluation, with the participation of independent experts.

“That investigation and subsequent evaluation concluded that Mr. Yildirim did not ingest or became exposed to a banned substance knowingly or with a performance enhancement intention.

“Instead, Mr. Yildirim unintentionally and inadvertently became exposed to a substance as part of a muscular inflammation therapy he received in Germany.

“This was fully confirmed during the investigation.

“Credible evidence was presented that the source of the banned substance was a specific contaminated product that was administered to Mr. Yildirim.

“Mr. Yildirim and the WBC have entered into an adjudication agreement that includes a strict, long-term testing program, a fine, participation in a CBP awareness program. Also controls concerning any substance to which Mr. Yildirim might be exposed in the future.

“Accordingly, the WBC hereby confirms that Mr. Yildirim will be allowed to participate in the mandatory bout for the WBC Super Middleweight Championship against WBC World Champion David Benavidez.”


Defeating Anthony Dirrell, Benavidez recently became a two-time holder of the coveted green and gold belt super middleweight.

Talk of Dirrell claiming an immediate rematch has seemingly been dismissed.

Yildirim will now be given his second opportunity. The Turkish fighter had previously lost to Dirrell in controversial circumstances himself.


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