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Home » Boxer moves hotels after learning foe planned 2:45am fire alarm

Boxer moves hotels after learning foe planned 2:45am fire alarm

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British super lightweight Robbie Davies Jr. was tipped off about alleged plans regarding his opponent and an early morning fire alarm.

Due to face Lewis Ritson in Newcastle, England on Saturday night, Davies received information of a potential disruption.

According to manager Neil Marsh, Davies subsequently switched hotels before the forewarning came true in the early hours of Saturday.

Davies and Marsh then released the outcome to the public.

Robbie Davies Jr

“Was pre-warned that Lewis Ritson team planned 02:45 am early morning fire alarm call so I moved Robbie Davies Jr. to another hotel at 9pm last night and he was fast asleep in cuckoo land. We’ve seen it all before,” explained Marsh.

“Remember there is only one ring and nowhere to hide. Ratted,” he added.

Adding his response, Davies said: “Can’t believe we were made aware that Team Ritson was planning setting fire alarms off. So I moved hotel yesterday.

“Feel sorry for the other fighters and officials in the crown plaza who had to stand in car park at 2:45 am whilst fire brigade came etc. #Shocked!”

Ritson’s team, led by Phil Jeffries, denied any wrongdoing on their part.

“This is the third time we have been to the (Newcastle) arena. Nothing like this has happened before,” revealed Jeffries.

“It’s got nothing to do with Ritson team. One hundred percent sad people would think this. We are boxing people in our camp.”

Fighter Ritson added: “Disappointed people have accused me and the team off setting the hotel alarm off last night. We are fighting men and don’t need daft tricks like that. (It’s obviously) people having a few too many and just being daft!

“Absolutely nothing to do with me at all!”


The pair battle it out on Tyneside for British bragging rights boasting identical 19-1 records.

Whoever comes out on top can expect a considerable boost towards World honours in a clash that has bad blood firmly running through it.

Davies and Ritson infamously became embroiled in a slanging match when sharing a bill in Liverpool.

The result was promoter Eddie Hearn pitting the two against each other without a strap on the line. This is despite Davies holding both the European and British belts in his possession at the time of the flashpoint.

Animosity will be settled live on Sky Sports tonight.