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Home » This may be the WORST EVER tattoo of heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz Jr.

This may be the WORST EVER tattoo of heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz Jr.

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There’s no doubting that big-puching Andy Ruiz Jr. is loving his time as Mexico’s first ever heavyweight champion of the world.

The 30 year-old has been riding the crest of a wave since dethroning Anthony Joshua of FOUR versions of the top division crown in June.

Dropping AJ four times, Ruiz effectively earned a strap for each knockdown he scored at Madison Square Garden.

So it’s no surprise to learn that Ruiz takes immense pleasure interacting with his new massive fanbase.

Ruiz regularly holds Q & A forums on social media and bigs up his devout followers whenever possible.

So, when one such admirer decided to get what is a very good tattoo, Ruiz gave that person deserved props on his channels.

The arm ink is an impressive likeness in the larger image, although the smaller image is obviously harder to master.

But give the first artist credit for what was a solid effort when Ruiz posted the photo on October 3.

Ten days on, and Ruiz did similar to unintentionally disastrous results.

The likeness of Ruiz is unfathomable, even in the larger surface area. But it was the smaller one which gathered the most attention.

Comments on the thread didn’t make for happy reading.

That artist is trash lol

What is this abomination lmao ????

That boy need a refund, top pic looks like an Englishman and the bottom one looks like Majin Buu ????????‍♂️ Aaron Tusega Asora Niufafo

dam boi get your money back and than cut that shit off. ???? cringe as fuck

Sorry to say. But that’s a TERRIBLE job.

The one of you standing over AJ looks like you have a Snapchat filter on your face that dude needs to get his 20$ back lol

Looks like you have saggy boobs and have turned into someone from China or Japan lol ????


It’s all love for Ruiz, though. The champ is currently preparing for a second clash with Joshua on December 7.

Ruiz is bidding to secure his position at the top and set up a huge in-house undisputed unification with Deontay Wilder.

The fight takes place in Saudi Arabia, although Ruiz remains the underdog despite inflicting significant damage on the Briton last summer.