David Haye explains why KSI vs Logan Paul 2 YouTube fight helps boxing

Ringside 17/10/2019
David Haye

JD Sports

David Haye has made a prediction for the forthcoming rematch between UK YouTube star KSI and American rival Logan Paul.

Former boxer Haye has backed recently turned professional KSI over Paul and hopes he ‘wins again’ next month.

The retired heavyweight was speaking to JD Sports when he suggested the British internet sensation won the first bout – which judges concluded was a draw.

Haye said: “Hopefully KSI wins again, he’s a good guy.

“I like the fact that they’re making it professional, fighting with no head guard, small gloves.

“These guys are multi-millionaires, they don’t have to do it, I think their ego is actually forcing them to go out there.”

Haye, who currently works as a promoter for his own promotion company, Hayemaker Promotions, believes the event at Staples Centre is positive for the world of boxing.

“If it encourages a different demographic to tune in to a different pay-per-view event, then that helps the sport of boxing.

“(It) genuinely helps every other fighter on the undercard, they’re getting paid at pay-per-view- the show wouldn’t be pay-per-view without Logan Paul and KSI.

“With KSI and Logan Paul fighting it just then puts more money in the pot for these other boxers so I think it’s a good thing.

📷 Mark Robinson.

“(Devin) Haney (on the KSI v Logan Paul 2 undercard) could fight on his own card in his own hometown with what television and what ticket sales?

“He could do that and have his face the main picture but he would get paid significantly less.

“He’ll probably fight on this, fight the undercard, and get paid five times more than he normally would get and it’s all good – as long as the boxers are getting compensated fairly.

“Some people might tune in just to see the real boxers, the world-class boxers, but the majority probably won’t. They’ll be just tuning in to see KSI and Logan Paul and hopefully once they tune in to see that, they may see some world-class boxers.”

When asked if he would ever appear on a card similar to KSI v Logan Paul, Haye responded: “Yeah, would be more money!”


The rivalry between KSI and Logan Paul was intensified recently on a press tour ahead of the fight after the former said he’d “love to break” Jake Paul’s (Logan’s brother) “s****y little skull”.

The Watford-born star said: “I’d love to have Jake (Paul). I’d love to break his s****y little skull.”

“I despise him, I hate him. I actually hate him more than Logan. He is actual s**t.”

KSI V Logan Paul 2 will take place at Staples Centre, LA, on November 9th.