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Home » Andy Ruiz Jr. boasts slim physique, but is it too much?

Andy Ruiz Jr. boasts slim physique, but is it too much?

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Andy Ruiz Jr. had lost a considerable amount of timber in the five weeks ahead of a scheduled rematch with Anthony Joshua.

Despite there being SEVEN WEEKS to go, Ruiz looks to have shed at least a couple of stone despite looking heavier than when he defeated Joshua in June at a recent press conference run.

Ruiz had been enjoying his new champion lifestyle between June and September before the Mexican and Joshua embarked on a media tour.

At least a few pounds over the 268 mark he hit for the shock Joshua victory in New York, Ruiz then went away on September 7 to begin training.

By October 7 (in the video below), Ruiz looked lightning fast in a clip posted on his social media.

Fast forward another week, and Ruiz posted a jaw-droppingly slimline photo of himself having dropped even more weight.

Andy Ruiz Jr weight loss

Fans are flabbergasted at the transformation, although there are some who fear the alteration is too much.

Having dealt with Joshua with relative ease following an expected knockdown at Madison Square Garden, could a huge change be detrimental?

At the end of the day, Ruiz won the fight as his usual self. He’s not the most blessed in the physique department.

This played for him as ‘AJ’ predictably took him too lightly and paid the price.

Maybe without the element of surprise, ‘The Destroyer’ is aiming for something different, believing higher stamina and speed is key.

Already a picture of significant difference, it’s hard to gauge whether losing much more in the next two months will help further.

It remains to be seen and all questions will be answered on fight night.

During that press tour leg in Saudi Arabia, Ruiz outlined his plans to make sure he’s in top shape.


“On December 7 I know that Anthony Joshua is going to come hard. He’s going to come strong and will be preparing really well but so am I,” he explained.

“I’m really hungry. A lot of people have been saying that I’m not training or taking it seriously but come on I have all these belts and there are responsibilities to this.

“I am going to try my best. I’m going to keep these belts and take them back to Mexico.

“On December 7 I am going to make history again. I’ll win here (Saudi) in the same fashion and the same way that I won on June 1. I’m going to prove everybody wrong.

“The hunger still remains and I don’t want 15 minutes of fame. I want this to last for a generation.

“So, I want to be a champion for many years. I have a good fighter next to me who is going to try and take these belts.

“But God is with me. We’re going to be training really hard for December 7,” added Ruiz.

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