Mike Tyson opening up to Tyson Fury on troubles/mortality is a must-listen

Mike Tyson Tyson Fury

Mikey Williams

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently opened up to current contender Tyson Fury on his past troubles at the top of the sport.

Tyson, 53, retired from boxing after a hectic return to the ring, which culminated in ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ fighting whilst under the influence of cocaine.

Prior to his ‘second career’, Tyson lived a rollercoaster life during the 1980’s and 1990’s where partying, drugs and women were the norm.

Years on, Tyson has found peace and is currently concentrating on his broadcast and acting opportunities, along with his lucrative cannabis business.

The pair sat down in the run-up to Fury’s fight with Swedish hope Otto Wallin in Las Vegas recently.

During the ‘HotBoxin’ Podcast’, Fury turned the tables on Tyson to ask questions himself.

The exchange went like this:

Tyson Fury: “This new life of yours, it’s given you a new lease of life.”

Mike Tyson: “Yeah thank God because my last f*cking life was an atrocity. Woah, I don’t know how all this sh*t happened man I mean f*ck.”

Tyson Fury: “Without all that catastrophic action, would you be the same man you are today without the experience?”

Mike Tyson: “Oh I needed that experience yeah.”

Tyson Fury: “You’re a living legend, I’m sat here with a living legend.”

Mike Tyson: “Yeah, I’m just glad I’m living. I can’t believe I wanted to die so often when I was young I used to think, ‘God I hate living.’ Now I’m 53, I love living, I don’t want to f*cking die, I hate the fact I gotta die now. Living is so interesting.”

Tyson Fury: “What’s the motivation Mike now?”

Mike Tyson: “Just for me to absorb my existence and realize that life is a joke. I took it too serious.

“I don’t know, not long after this, I’ll die soon and I won’t exist anymore and then I have to go to the other world. I’m going to see what that’s like.

“I can’t believe this energy that I have just dies and it doesn’t exist. It may not live here but it has to go somewhere and that’s what I’m looking forward to now.

“Because life is great so death has to be just as great as life.

“The worst day of my life right, is my mother and children dying. The worst day of my life besides that incident that happened that could have happened, probably happened to everybody all over the world at that time, life is still beautiful.”


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