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Home » Eddie Hearn plans more YouTuber fights to keep DAZN subscribers

Eddie Hearn plans more YouTuber fights to keep DAZN subscribers

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Promoter Eddie Hearn has outlined his blueprint to keep new DAZN subscribers for the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch.

The Matchroom Sport Group Managing Director wants to use further events as a reason for those who sign up to remain with DAZN.

KSI and Paul fight on November 9th in a rematch of their own previous promotion on YouTube.

The pair sold in excess of 800,000 buys for the first contest, which ended in a draw.

Numbers don’t lie, as they say, and Hearn was instantly attracted to turning some of those 800k buys onto the DAZN platform.

To do this, KSI vs Paul 2 has been given professional status for the return, which Hearn has overseen.

Eddie Hearn on YouTubers

Once Hearn has the numbers required from next month’s event, the 40 year-old plans to add the likes of Jake Paul (Logan’s bother) into the mix.

“There’s a very good chance he’ll (Jake) be on the undercard of the fight after this one,” Hearn told The Independent.

“It’s going to bring in, let’s say 500,000 subscribers so what happens after? We’re trying to keep them in boxing but do they stay the next month or do they go?

“We want them to stay, some will some won’t but we want to keep them digesting that content, Joshua against Ruiz, watch all these fights on DAZN and fall in love with the sport.

“The longer we can keep them, the better for boxing and the better for DAZN so if we throw him on in December or January, they won’t unsubscribe because they’ll still want to watch Jake Paul.

“Commercially it makes sense, we just have to be careful with where we’re going, the product has to be good.

“It is a circus, we just have to make sure it doesn’t become a complete circus,” he added.

Hearn’s ploy is certain to gather criticism from the die-hards and other serious boxing fans, who believe any YouTuber has no right to enter the sport.

Many see Hearn as exploiting the market, which would have been better left on the YouTube platform it came from.

Whatever the case may be, money talks. Meaning KSI vs Logan Paul 2 will not be the last we see of this kind of promotion.

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