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Home » Time for UBC? – Dana White ready to bypass all titles as ‘boxing is broken’

Time for UBC? – Dana White ready to bypass all titles as ‘boxing is broken’

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On the back of his very public spat with Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White has revealed his vision for boxing in the future.

The UFC boss is planning to throw his Zuffa Boxing hat into the ring shortly, with plans afoot to completely ignore all of the current governing bodies.

This had led some to believe a model similar to the Ultimate Fighting Championship is in the works.

So what price we see the Ultimate Boxing Championship? – Well, only White knows this.

One thing that is for sure is White’s plan to shake up the system as is stands.

“I’m kinda figuring out what to do and navigate my way around,” White told Sirius XM Fight Nation in a recent interview.

“I will tell you this, I’ve met with literally everybody in the sport minus Arum, minus De La Hoya. To my shock, everybody is willing to work together. Everybody is interested.

“I’m not acting like I know everything. I’m the guy who’s going to save boxing, I don’t know s***, okay. What I do know is, the system and the model is broken. It needs to be fixed.

“It needs to be flipped to where you actually start investing money into the sport the way that we did with MMA. Not just the UFC, the sport of MMA.

“Then when you start getting into the politics that’s where it all gets screwed up. There’s enough money out there for everybody.”


On how it could possibly work with all the greed in the climate at present, White added: “Everybody knows what needs to be fixed.

“The way I get around it is (bypass them). I don’t recognize them (the WBC, WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA).

“The UFC belt is sanctioned by nobody. You know why the belts credible? Because the best keep fighting the best.

“To be the man you got the beat the man and as long as that happens any belt is credible.

“So, what I need to do is, I hired a guy who starts this month and we’re going to sit down, we’re going to start working on and try to figure that out.

“Everybody’s so used to playing in their own sandbox and isn’t willing to work together. I think I can do it and can get it done. We’ll find out.”

Asked does that mean completely scrapping the current belts, White replied: “Yeah, I mean listen, we all know. Anybody that’s involved in the sport. Anyone who loves the sport knows what’s wrong.

“Who’s got the balls to go out and fix it? So I’m going to give it a shot. Yes, I don’t recognize them (the organizations).”

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