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Exclusive: Tyson Fury cutman defends Ben Davison

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Tyson Fury’s cutman Jorge Capetillo has explained how the link-up came about while defending the role of head trainer Ben Davison.

Capetillo saved a massive rematch between Fury and Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020.

Fury suffered a horror cut in the third round of his September battle with Otto Wallin. Capetillo subsequently worked miracles for nine rounds.

In the end, ‘The Gypsy King’ saw out a unanimous decision to remain undefeated.

Jorge Capetillo speaks to World Boxing News

Outlining how the pair got together, Capetillo exclusively told World Boxing News: “I’ve been working for Top Rank already for over ten years.

“They (Tyson and Ben) came to the gym, and we got along very well. Ben Davison is just a great person and a great trainer, and Tyson is a great human being.

“We said one day, you know, in the gym, and Tyson walked over to me in the gym and asked me in training. I feel pretty blessed.”

Asked if there were any signs of a potential cut during camp, Capetillo replied: “No, it was a great camp. It’s a fight; anything can happen, especially in the heavyweight division, and the camp was great. He was looking in great shape.

“He was very explosive, fast; footwork was so potent and distant, sometimes styles can be difficult. Otto Wallin was number four in the world. He came to fight, and he did the right thing. But he came to Vegas, not for the paycheck. He came to fight.

“We got the victory. Wallin was ready for a 12-round fight. We understand that between an orthodox fighter and a southpaw fighter, there are always clashes.

“We understand the possibility and believe that anything can happen.”

Tyson Fury Ben Davison Deontay Wilder
Mikey Williams

Ben Davison

In the immediate aftermath, Fury’s father, John, advised his son to sack the whole team, except Capetillo, on live TV.

While Capetillo respects the fact John voiced his concerns, the talented cornerman leaped to the defense of Davison.

“Of course, it’s his father. He’s got the right to give his opinion, you know what I’m saying. Of course, he’s sad and is going to worry about his son,” said Capetillo.

“When something like that drama happens, he’s going to share his frustrations as his father, I respect that.

“But Ben has been doing tremendous work with Tyson. He feels very comfortable with Ben, so I respect his opinion and respect Ben’s work as well.

“He did tremendous work in the corner; he gave confidence and guidance to his fighter. Ben gave him the trust and belief Tyson needed at that moment. ‘

“This is a fight that’s being controlled. Let’s do this, let’s do that’. It was a great strategy. He was a very calm man.”

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