Why boxing should be taught in every school

Ringside 09/10/2019
Boxing 2018

When it comes to boxing, most schools have stringent rules that ban our beloved discipline from school curriculums.

The so-called “official” reasons are many, ranging from dangers of boxing to the intensification of bullying among school peers. As noted by a reputable online academic writing service, boxing is the toughest sport, which perfectly shapes the mind of a young athlete. In such regard, box training seems to be a high impact, high intensity, and extremely resource-consuming sport. What else might be better for young schoolers, willing to enhance their bodies and minds?

Boxing is good for you

Basically, boxing is a sports discipline, which trains an individual to tough physical challenges. The most obvious implications of regular training are burning fat and increasing fitness at the same time. Unfortunately, most people think that it’s a violent sport, which might only damage one’s body, especially if an athlete is a young schooler. In reality, boxing is a crucial determinant for both physical and mental fitness

Regardless of age, even the schoolers might benefit from it. In terms of physiological benefits, boxing is also capable of being a stress reliever, which might also increase self-confidence and concentration. Keeping these facts in mind, we cannot properly understand the arguments of those criticizing the addition of it into schools’ curriculum. With these benefits of this sport, it becomes evident that its inclusion is a meaningful and logically-justified decision.

Respect and Decision-Making

Not only the physiological benefits of boxing should be mentioned. As a matter of fact, its benefits also include a high emphasis on discipline and respect. With proper guidance, it might become a real game-change for schoolers. Since young athletes are only developing their behavioral and attitudinal skills, an artificial injection of respect, discipline, and self-control is absolutely overwhelming. 

When it comes to the aspect of respect, this concept shouldn’t be underestimated since boxing enforces a decent attitude to the training colleagues, a trainer, and oneself. Because of that, it wouldn’t be a big of a surprise to tell that boxers, even in the school division, might develop strong decision-making skills and competencies because of decent training. In some sense, it also might be capable of enhancing the skills related to thinking ahead. So, the merger of physiological and attitudinal might be convincing just enough for rethinking boxing as a school sport, isn’t it?

Debunking Myths

Well, when it comes to the main claims of individuals who criticize it per se, the aspects of violence and aggression stand out the most. Speaking of violence, we cannot find a better argument than to propose banning karate in such regard. Boxing, as a matter of fact, represents the passion for self-defense. 

In such regard, even the schoolers wouldn’t bully others just because of attending boxing classes. In 2019, the more convincing bullying techniques include the use of weaponry, which seems to be more dangerous for schoolers. Just because of that, boxing is a tool for combating violence, but not enforcing it. All in all, youngsters would naturally find their ways to fight, even without training classes at schools’ curriculums.

Another so-called “convincing” argument against boxing is the appeal in the direction of aggression. Unfortunately, most people perceive it as something toxic, rude, and brutal. With these associations, it isn’t a surprise that parents of schoolers oppose adding to the schools’ curriculum. In such regard, aggression should be perceived a bit differently. As we’ve already mentioned above, it is a great stress reliever, which is also developing a sense of self-control. 

So, we wouldn’t be that unique and innovative by telling that boxing for schoolers might serve as a tool for redirecting negativity and youngsters’ energy into something worthy. And let’s think about the root of the conflict once again. Schoolers would always find a way to fight, one way or another, which should become a major reason for parents to reassess boxing as a whole.

Categorizing ought to be eliminated

It should be noted that the violent behavior of some shouldn’t be associated with the behavior of everyone. In reality, violence is something that might be encountered in any sports discipline. Should schoolers be left without a chance for boxing? Or maybe playing football or basketball? The problem with it seems to be associated with hyped news about bullying in schools, which is enforced by youngsters who attended training sessions. 

Well, the same rule might be applied to any hobby. Video games? Or maybe anime? All that causes violence, don’t you think so? What we’re trying to say is that drawing correlation between boxing and violence is just incorrect. And if to recall our mentioned notions of this discipline as being a driver for progress, both mental and physiological, it should be taught in every school, without making any exceptions. Basically, let’s pay more attention to the benefits of boxing instead of concentrating just on the tabloid news about child violence, accompanied by boxing.

Final Remarks

We are sure in our conclusion that boxing should be taught in all schools. By offering children a choice of this discipline regularly, the world might observe the rise of new Tysons, Mayweathers, or even Pacquiaos. Keeping this in mind, we should mention that it is on the rise of popularity in the vast majority of modern households. Yet, it’s obligatory for boxing as a discipline to re-enter the schools’ curriculum. An honorable mention is that this sport is a key force for instilling discipline among young learners. 

With all that said, what else might stop you from letting your child boxing a few times a week? Those ugly myths about violence and aggression? Boxing for schoolers is a chance, which shouldn’t be missed, both by young learners and their parents. Now, come to think about how many wild arguments are now voiced by critics of including boxing as a learning discipline in schools. Fortunately for such great sports as boxing, the benefits always outweigh the dirty talks and fake “facts.” So, just make boxing great again just by adding it to the schools’ curriculum.