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Home » Tyson Fury makes in-ring wrestling debut ahead of PPV battle

Tyson Fury makes in-ring wrestling debut ahead of PPV battle

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Heavyweight force Tyson Fury continued his foray into World Wrestling Entertainment amidst brawling scenes on Monday Night Raw.

Fresh from his leap over a barrier on Friday Night’s new-look Smackdown, Fury kept up his facade opposite ‘Monster Among Men’ Brawn Strowman.

Fury made his debut in-ring, although failed to impress the WWE Universe with some of his timing.

Some of his punches were way off, according to social media comments. But for a guy who doesn’t come from that world, Fury did well considering.

“F**k it, that was kind of a hoot,” said one commenter on Twitter. “Fury way better on the mic than most outsiders. While the worked punches on security were awful, it’s also nice that he didn’t, you know, crack some poor extra.”

Another added: “I know Tyson Fury has some legit hands, but dude needs some practice with his working punches before this Braun Strowman match.”

Tyson Fury makes wrestling debut

It was more a case of being held back, rather than getting into any real mischief for Fury, who sparingly got his hands on Strowman.

The pair extended their feud until after the cameras stopped rolling. This was in a bid to drum up support for a clash at the next Pay-Per-View.

Strowman and Fury are booked to face-off in Saudi Arabia on the controversial ‘Crown Jewel’ event, which is now into its second year.

Further details of exactly what Fury and Strownman will be part of are set to be released over the coming weeks.

The show takes place on October 31 in Riyadh.


On Raw itself, Fury and Strowman took the main event slot, which angered some of the online wrestling fans.

They wanted to see a continuation of Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt’s ‘Fiend’ character, which topped the recent Hell in a Cell PPV.

One said: “F**k this show. I don’t care about Tyson Fury. I don’t care about Lana and Lashley, I don’t care about Smackdown recaps. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE F**KING FIEND AND SETH ROLLINS. You don’t just leave us with that, and avoid it the next night.”

Another stated: “They JUST mentioned Fiend/Rollins. it is two and a half hours into the show. #RAW”

There’s no doubting that wherever Fury treads, he certainly makes an impression.

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