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Home » Conor Benn: ‘I’m getting man strength, people will get KO’d clean!

Conor Benn: ‘I’m getting man strength, people will get KO’d clean!

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British contender Conor Benn believes his strength hasn’t yet reached full capacity, a couple of weeks past his 23rd birthday.

The undefeated welterweight is booked in to fight on the O2 Arena bill topped by Regis Prograis vs Josh Taylor.

Benn says whoever is in the opposite corner is in for a world of hurt.

Conor Benn gets man strength

“As I get older my man strength is coming and people are going to get laid out clean,” promised Benn. “They are not going to get back up!

“My last fight was expected to be a hard fight and when I looked at him I thought I’m in trouble here. Then he came out flying in the first round and I managed to get him out of there.

“If people want to come and have it with me I will have it back with them. If I go down, then they’re going down with me.

“I’m not worried who they put in front of me, whoever it is there it will be the same outcome. I’m going to go out there and do one job and one job only.”


Reflecting on his first fifteen bouts as a pro, Benn added: “My career has been a rollercoaster.

“It feels like I have been pro for a long while but really it’s only been four or five years. It’s been so dramatic but I know that I have Britain behind me and all these learning fights are going to put me in good stead for the future.

“I have been dropped twice and managed to get back up off the canvas. I put the other opponent down twice.

“I’ve boxed ten rounds, been cut and had injuries all these things. When I’m 25, 26 these things won’t be anything new to me so as far as I am aware, I’m on course.

“I’m excited to have a great year!”

In preparation for his forthcoming bout, Benn has been sparring his 55 year-old father, Nigel.

Benn Sr. is preparing for his own fight on November 23 in Birmingham, more than two decades on from his retirement.

Sakio Bika, 40, will be in the opposite corner, whilst Conor’s opponent should be confirmed soon.

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