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The Best Heavyweight Boxers of All Time

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The heavyweight division is as competitive as it’s been for quite some time. Fighters like Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Anthony Joshua are setting the world alight with their performances.


We’ve watched some epic battles between these boxers over the last five years, and we look forward to many more in the future.


There’s no doubt that the future is bright for boxing. However, we want to take a trip down memory lane and analyze the top heavyweight boxers of all time. Some of the best betting sites for boxing fans agree that the following names helped to put the sport on the map. From the charisma and charm of Muhammad Ali to the brute force of Mike Tyson, these boxers are worthy of their title as the best ever.


Muhammad Ali


Let’s start with the king of the ring. Muhammad Ali is widely recognised as the best boxer of all time. He lit the heavyweight division up and registered 56 wins during his glittering career. Ali also won a gold medal at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome for good measure. The Kentucky-born fighter achieved everything as a boxer.


Ali’s career wasn’t without adversity. He suffered plenty of setbacks during his journey to the top. However, he always got back up from the canvas and reclaimed his titles. On top of that, the former world champion won several prestigious awards including the BWAA Fighter of the Year and BBC Sports Personality of the Century. Ali was also inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

Joe Louis

Joe Louis


The Brown Bomber was the world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949. What’s more, he racked up 66 wins from 69 fights. Louis defended his world title 25 times in a row which is an incredible feat. The Alabama-born boxer had a long-running feud with Max Schmeling. The two went toe-to-toe on several occasions during the 1930s and 1940s.


Joe Louis left a fantastic legacy behind when he retired from the sport. He was named as the number one heavyweight of all time by the International Boxing Research Organization in 2005. An 8-foot statue of Louis also stands in his hometown of LaFayette, Alabama.


Rocky Marciano


The Brockton Blockbuster didn’t have a long career, but he managed to achieve what others only dream about during his short spell in the ring. Rocky was undefeated during his 49 bouts and racked up 43 wins by knockout. Marciano also holds the record for the longest undefeated streak by a heavyweight.


Furthermore, Rocky retired with the highest knockout percentage of any heavyweight champion in history. Marciano was so good that Hollywood film directors made several films about his life.


Mike Tyson


Iron Mike Tyson is renowned as one of the fiercest heavyweights of all time. He won his first world title at just 20-years-old. In 1988, Tyson became the lineal champion of the world. On top of that, he defended his title against Larry Holmes and Frank Bruno. The Brooklyn-born brawler is one of the hardest hitters the sports has ever seen.