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Home » Danielito ’El Zorro’ Zorrilla battles to victory despite hand injury

Danielito ’El Zorro’ Zorrilla battles to victory despite hand injury

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During 12 professional fights, Danielito ’El Zorro’ Zorrilla had swept away his competition and hadn’t had to touch ‘deep water’.

And on Saturday night he managed to successfully pass his first test of fire after using his extensive arsenal of resources and excel despite fighting with an injured hand to impose himself by a broad unanimous decision, 100-89 on two cards and 98-91 on the third.

He beat the dangerous Aztec Jesús Pérez to thus seize the interim NABO championship of the World Boxing Organization at 140 pounds during the main event of the evening of ‘DIRECTV Boxing Nights’ in a special edition of the Champions Tournament of the WBO in the Coliseíto Pedrín Zorrilla of San Juan in the event presented by Miguel Cotto Promotions together with H2 Entertainment.

“It was a tough fight, but I got out of the ring with my first championship, which was the goal. We did the work and I am happy about it, ”said Zorrilla (13-0 with 10 KO’s), whose title brawl is part of the“ Tournament of Champions ”that is being promoted by the WBO during the month of October

“I had to adjust myself using mostly my left hand since the second round because I hurt a knuckle of my right hand when I hit solid in the first round. I didn’t want to force a fracture, so I kept making points, fighting smart and going out with victory. ”

The solid blow that Zorrilla alludes to was the powerful right-back straight that struck Pérez at the end of the first round and that led the Aztec to the canvas on only the second occasion in his career.

“Pérez is an aggressive and strong fighter. If he went out to box only, he could gain confidence and persevere even more. It was necessary to stop it early and impose respect. That’s why we wanted to get his hands in from the first round so he had some fear. However, with the blow that I knocked, I hurt my right hand knuckle. There it was that at the corner he told me not to look for the knockout, to stay smart working and I did so. ”

In fact, after that demolition and another hook that made Pérez wobble, the Aztec was quite cautious in the second episode.

Subsequently, Pérez (23-3 with 18 KO’s) opted to attack the lower planes more, but Zorrilla counter him sometimes with left hooks and straight to the face that stopped the Aztec offensive dry in the third episode.

Already in the fourth round, Zorrilla sought to start the offensive a little more, entering with his jab and stuttering for moments his right hook to the side. Even so, Pérez showed no truce and looked forward to the exchanges, while Zorrilla evaded him with excellent displacements and waited to see gaps in the defense of the Aztec to enter cleanly with his left hand primarily.

Zorrilla’s victory now places him in the direction of a unifying combat of the NABO junior welter scepter with his undefeated Yomar Álamo (17-0-1 with 12 KO’s), who retained his scepter against Mexican Antonio Morán on Friday, October 4 in a poster held in Kissimmee, Florida as part of the WBO ‘Tournament of Champions’.

“We want to push for that unifying fight for the beginning of 2020 once both fighters are ready,” said Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, president of the WBO.


For his part, Zorrilla accepted the challenge and assured that he will prepare well if the fight takes place.

“If we have the opportunity, we are willing to meet any challenge. There are many rivals, but we work for those who stand in our way. I just conquered this belt and it’s not going anywhere. In addition, to be the best you have to face the best, ”said Zorrilla.