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Home » Exclusive: Enraged Deontay Wilder wants Dillian Whyte answers

Exclusive: Enraged Deontay Wilder wants Dillian Whyte answers

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Deontay Wilder trainer Jay Deas wants a host of questions answered by Dillian Whyte and his team over an adverse drug finding in July.

Whyte is reported to have tested positive for a banned substance before a scheduled fight with Oscar Rivas.

A British Boxing Board of Control hearing, held on the day of the Pay-Per-View headliner, subsequently cleared Whyte to compete.

Rivas and his entourage were never told what happened before trading blows with Whyte in London.

An American journalist later linked information on what transpired, although WBN did know of the situation at that time.

WBN decided to gather more evidence before releasing it to the public, but all hell broke loose before that happened.

Fans and media alike are now calling for the ‘B Sample’ to be made public, which may never be the case.

Rivas team member Russ Anber spoke to WBN in the aftermath and wasn’t just unhappy with the positive test.

Dillian Whyte test

“He won’t say, ‘Hey, I tested positive, but the BoC gave me a pass. In July, they allowed me to fight, so I won, but it wasn’t fair,” Anber told World Boxing News.

“You know, I cheated as I wore the wrong gloves I wasn’t supposed to wear. I tested positive but won anyway, but it wasn’t fair.’ He is not going to say that.

“That’s not going to be his response. We wouldn’t expect that. He said he won fair and square. In his heart, he knows he didn’t win fair and square.

“You know you don’t win fair and square when you are doing things that you’re doing. When you’re cheating with whatever you’re taking into your system.

“Yes, he fought in the ring fair and square; he didn’t hit low blows, elbows, or headbutts. The fight was fair and square, but you didn’t win fair and square.”

Dillian Whyte Oscar Rivas
Dave Thompson

The World Boxing Council is currently investigating the matter, which Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn said will be cleared up before the Briton fights again.

Currently number one and mandatory challenger with the WBC, Whyte should face champion Deontay Wilder in 2020.

Wilder’s coach and co-manager Deas believes a lot has to happen before Whyte can take his place opposite ‘The Bronze Bomber’.

Deontay Wilder coach Jay Deas talks to World Boxing News

“I think it’s horrible that someone can test positive and the opponent is not informed. That’s unconscionable,” Deas exclusively told World Boxing News. I would love to hear an explanation for that. And what of the “B” sample? That isn’t good.

“Also, Whyte used gloves that were not present at the glove selection or allowed to be inspected by the Rivas team, even after multiple repeated requests!

“How is that not the biggest headline? Why hasn’t that been explained?

“If a guy can essentially bring gloves from home the day of the fight, why is there a glove selection at all?

“This is horrible all the way around, and that one night set British boxing back quite a bit in the eyes of the world.”


Deas asked what he thinks the outcome will be, saying, “I don’t know where the case is now. They have to investigate the entire situation and ask the tough questions.

“Has he tested positive before? Does he have a track record for cheating? When did he and his team know he tested positive? Who knew? The BBBofC? Promoter? Manager? Trainer? Fighter? WBC? TV network? Why wasn’t team Rivas informed? What do BBBC and WBC rules state? Were the rules followed?”

He continued: “Is there a moral obligation to inform a boxer that his opponent has tested positive for a PED? Why weren’t the gloves he used present for glove selection?

“Where did they come from? Why wasn’t team Rivas allowed to inspect them? What ounce gloves were they? Where are they now?

“These are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed,” Deas concluded.

Deas is preparing Wilder for a rematch with Luis Ortiz on November 23rd in Las Vegas, while Whyte is currently in the final of a cooking show on UK TV.

‘The Body Snatcher’ is about to be seen on small screens competing for the Celebrity Masterchef crown alongside fellow contestants Neil Ruddock, Greg Rutherford, and Vikki Pattison.

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