Female boxer in eye-popping lingerie kisses opponent, gets a SLAP back!

Ewa Brodnicka

Women’s world champion boxer Ewa Brodnicka got more than she bargained for when facing off playfully with Edith Matthysse prior to their fight on Friday.

At the weigh-in, Instagram poser Brodnicka wore a revealing lingerie number in which her modesty was only partially covered.

Clearly unimpressed Matthysse was in no mood for niceties.

Brodnicka planted a cheeky smacker square on the lips of Matthysse. The Argentine responded by giving the 35-year-old a clip around the chops.

The WBO super featherweight champion was clearly taken aback by the move and responded in kind. The pole retaliated with a smack of her own as things threatened to get ugly.

Obvious mind-games by Brodnicka may have backfired, although Matthysse still has her work cut out.

Matthysse has ten losses on her record. Brodnicka is undefeated in 17 contests.


Brodnicka has been linked to posing nude for Playboy in the past, something the fighter seems quite open to.

“That’s a question for Playboy. I used to think about it. I would probably even be happy with such a proposal, but now I do not care about it. If there was a proposal, then I would consider it,” she told Polish reporters.

The fight takes place at the Hala Sportowa on Friday night.