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Home » Exclusive: Deontay Wilder coach talks Fury, cut and trainer

Exclusive: Deontay Wilder coach talks Fury, cut and trainer

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Deontay Wilder trainer and co-manager Jay Deas has praised Tyson Fury for his adjustments during the recent fight with Otto Wallin.

Fury overcame two bad cuts in the contest to preserve a money-spinning rematch with Wilder for February 2020.

A loss would have been unthinkable and cost both fighters a huge Pay-Per-View paycheck.

Speaking to WBN in the aftermath, and just as Wilder announced his return with Luis Ortiz, Deas was impressed with Fury.

Deontay Wilder trainer talks to World Boxing News

“I thought he got the job done under difficult circumstances,” Deas told World Boxing News exclusively.

“Fury shouldn’t be criticized for media and everyone downplaying Otto Wallin. We knew Wallin was a tough customer, undefeated and well-trained for the fight of his life.

“Also, during the build-up, Fury had to deal with 99 percent of the questions leading into the fight being about Deontay. It’s tough for anyone to focus when no one will let you concentrate on the task at hand.

“Even so,  Fury had things firmly in control and then had to deal with not one but two cuts!

“Not only that, he had to change plans and go from boxing Wallin from a distance to pushing him back and taking the lead.

“When your vision is impaired, that’s what you do. You get close so you can feel the guy even if you can’t see him very well. Only in the 12th did Wallin maintain distance enough to use Fury’s cut eye and vision problem against him.

“So well done, Fury, for overcoming a lot.”

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Asked how he thought the cut was dealt with in the corner by Jorge Capetillo, Deas replied: “I thought the cut was handled very well. The cutman kept the contest from being stopped.

“It was a bad cut, then later in the fight, a second cut developed. The corner and cutman did fantastic work keeping it under control as possible.

“It’s a very difficult thing to stop a cut in the 50 or so seconds you have to do it. And, of course, the other guy punches it every chance he gets. So, in reality, you’re dealing with a worse cut and situation with every subsequent round.

“He wouldn’t have won without his cut man who did a great job.”


Tyson Fury’s father, John, blasted his son’s performance in his role as a pundit on the event for BT Sport. Fury Sr. also singled out trainer Davison for criticism.

Deas was having none of it and leaped to the defense of his opposite number.

“This is crazy because Tyson needs Ben. Every fighter needs that one guy who knows him inside and out, who has his back in the best and worst of times,” pointed out Deas.

“Anybody can get a hired gun trainer who has no real feeling or love for him just to satisfy the masses. Fury would be the first to tell you that training and handling him aren’t easy tasks, and Ben has done a remarkable job.

“I don’t remember people wanting to replace Ben after any other fight, but now all of a sudden, after the Wallin fight, people who don’t know better and couldn’t find Ben’s gym with a GPS want to have a say.

“Ben is a gifted and talented trainer. He’s loyal, intelligent, determined, and always seeking to improve.

“Tyson is fortunate to have Ben in his corner and his life. Ben is fortunate to have Tyson as well. It’s a great match,” he concluded.

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