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Home » Andy Ruiz Jr. faces ban, risks Wilder fight with Olympic bid

Andy Ruiz Jr. faces ban, risks Wilder fight with Olympic bid

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Andy Ruiz Jr. recently revealed his desire to potentially compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Toyko, Japan.

The current heavyweight king made the comments ahead of his rematch with Anthony Joshua on December 7th.

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman remains unimpressed by the AIBA’s decision to allow professionals to enter the tournaments.

Andy Ruiz Jr. warned on Olympic bid

“Our position remains the same since Olympic boxing was opened up to professionals for Rio 2016,” Sulaiman told ESPN Deportes.

“It has been a topic that has worried the World Boxing Council. The world of boxing a lot because there is a guideline when allowing professionals to compete with amateur fighters.

“There is no parameter. We consider that opening Olympic boxing in that way is highly risky for the physical integrity of the boxer.

“In boxing, it is about making a matchmaking. There is someone specialized who is dedicated to approving or disapproving fights according to the degree of competition.

“Here, the situation we’re faced with is that a professional and an amateur are different. There are many things that should be studied.

“It is not a whim or a response at the moment. This same response was given by the last Olympic cycle based on studies on the differences between a professional boxer and an amateur.

“We will continue to address the global issue because the WBC is represented in 165 countries.

“We have received information from boxers, managers, promoters, and commissioners in this regard. It is the voice of boxing that will speak.

“Also, we will address the issue with the same concern as always due to the importance of the future of boxing.”


On what sanction the likes of Ruiz could face from his organization, Sulaiman added: “The WBC strongly disagrees with supporting a professional boxer competing in the Olympic games,

“It’s something unacceptable that should not be accepted by fans and boxing experts in the world.

“Olympic amateur boxing is completely different. They are two different sports and it is very dangerous.

“Above all, we cannot accept this.

“If any professional boxer, including champions or former champions, decide to participate in the next Olympics, they will have a sanction of at least two years in the WBC,” he confirmed.

Ruiz would not be able to fight WBC title holder Deontay Wilder in a planned undisputed unification until at least 2022.

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