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George Foreman urges caution to Nigel Benn on comeback

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The oldest ever world heavyweight champion, ‘Big’ George Foreman, has given some advice to the returning Nigel Benn.

Foreman reigned supreme as a seemingly invincible top division title holder until running into a confident Muhammad Ali in 1974.

The Texan then walked away from the sport three years later.

Like Benn, Foreman decided he had unfinished business in the ring. A decade on, at 38, the veteran embarked on what would become a second career.

In 1994, twenty years after his crushing loss to Ali, Foreman made history by regaining the world crown at 45. Only middleweight and light-heavyweight legend Bernard Hopkins has won a recognized strap at an older age.

Stepping away just weeks shy of his 49th birthday, Foreman cited his lack of ability to recover from fights as a significant reason.

In direct response to Londoner Benn announcing his return, the American made his feelings known.

George Foreman warns Nigel Benn

“At 35, I was good as ever. (It’s the) same with 45 (years),” stated Foreman. “But after 49-55, no injuries healed.

“Slaps on the head, confused. So I said no more boxing. (I’m) A better granddad for it,” he added.

Concluding by ominously quoting Shakespeare to Benn, Foreman said: “So sweet was never so fatal. I must weep.”

George Foreman

A fan replied for Foreman on social media, agreeing with the big puncher’s sentiments.

“Wise words. Benn wants ‘closure?’ Unfortunately, that closure will likely come swiftly and powerfully,” said the interactor.

Middleweight star Tureano Johnson then leaped to the defense of Benn and believes the ‘Dark Destroyer’ has a right to decide his own fate.

“I must agree with Benn on this. His 55 isn’t your 55,” The Bahamian told Foreman. “Because I can’t do it doesn’t mean he can’t do it.

“We must stop putting folks in a box. Of course, his health and lifestyle have to be taken seriously. I agree to the evaluation (of his current condition). Until then, hold your judgments.”


Benn will compete against Sakio Bika, a dangerous slugger 15 years his junior, in a Pay-Per-View event in Birmingham, England.

Fans must pay £14.95 to witness the event, which some detractors fear will spark an influx of ex-champions making a comeback.

After one of his final fights, Benn famously revealed a ‘shadow on his brain’ and will be monitored at ringside with a portable scanner for the contest’s duration.

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