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Wrong boxer confirmed dead in false identitiy case

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Boris Stanchov has been confirmed as the latest casualty of the sport despite an unfathomable set of circumstances in Albania.

The Bulgarian, 21, passed away during a clash with featherweight Ardit Murja after suffering a cardiac arrest in the ring.

Initially, it was announced that his cousin, Isus Velichkov, was the victim. It’s now emerged that Velichkov had amazingly allowed Stanchov to fight using his license and medical card.

Authorities have yet to comment, although Velichkov made no attempts to hide the fact when speaking in the aftermath.

Boris Stanchov

“He has been fighting with my card since 2018. He said no problem, the coach knows,” pointed out Velichkov.

The situation took a turn on the back of an initial announcement that Velichkov had died.

This was even accompanied by an expression of sadness by the WBC over Velichkov’s untimely death, also at just 21 years of age.

“The World Boxing Council and its President Mauricio Sulaiman lament the death of 21-year-old Bulgarian fighter Isus Velichkov.

“Although the ring doctors did their best to save his life, the death was almost immediate.

“The entire WBC joins Velichkov’s family at this very sad time, in deepest sorrow.”

In what are unprecedented circumstances, an investigation is now underway to uncover how Stanchov fought for so long using false details.

Authorities need to know how many people knew about the ‘borrowing’ of the card and license, whilst also understanding the medial situation of Stanchov before the fatal contest.


The case has rocked boxing to the core and places serious question marks on security and safety once again.

Stanchov’s death becomes the eighth in the sport since 2016.

Mike Towell, David Whittom, Tim Hague and Scott Westgarth passed away between 2016 and 2017.

In 2018, Christian Daghio spent two days in a come before succumbing to injuries.

More recently, Russian Maxim Dadashev and Argentine Hugo Santillan were victims within a week of each other in July of this year.

Calls for boxing to be banned continue to rage on, whilst the position of pugilism at the Olympics remains under threat.

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